The 2009 Anteros Coupe & Anteros Roadster

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  1. SANTA ANA, California - n2a Motors, Inc. announced today that it is now taking orders for its latest model, the Anteros. Continuing a tradition of unique styling and impressive performance, the Anteros is built on the new 2009 Corvette platform and features a body reminiscent of iconic Italian designs. Built from modern lightweight carbon fiber, the Anteros is available with a variety of performance and appearance options.

    n2a Motors displayed the first production convertible and coupe versions of the Anteros in the 2008 Los Angeles International Auto Show. The black convertible is built using a stock 2009 Corvette donor car, featuring the 430 hp/424 lb.-ft. torque LS3 V8 engine that gets 16 MPG city and 26 MPG highway. The silver coupe is based on a 2009 Corvette Z06 and is modified with Lingenfelter's 630 horsepower performance package. All base models include a carbon composite body, hand-stitched leather interior, three-piece aluminum wheels, and a custom cat back exhaust. Chevrolet's 100,000 mile powertrain warranty remains completely intact and the Anteros can be serviced at any GM dealership.

    Each Anteros takes approximately 12 weeks to build from the time of order. n2a Motors starts by removing the donor Corvette's body panels and installing the new carbon-composite Anteros body, a process that takes nearly 800 hours for n2a's coachbuilding craftsmen to complete. The interior is entirely new with re-contoured leather seats, leather dash, Italian carpeting, and leather-wrapped interior panels, while the wheels and exhaust are removed and replaced with n2a's custom-made components. The turnkey Anteros Coupe starts at $149,500 and the Anteros Convertible starts at $154,500. Anteros Coupes built on the Z06 platform start at $176,500. Performance packages ranging from 525-1000+ horsepower are available for an additional cost.

    The Anteros is the follow-up to n2a Motors' 789 model that debuted to critical acclaim at the New York International Auto Show in March 2008. Inspired by the designs of the 1957, 58, and 59 Chevrolets, the 789 was hailed as "merely the coolest car...on the planet" by the New York Times. The 789 is also built on the C6 Corvette platform and utilizes a carbon composite body. Coupe 789 models start at $139,500 and the convertible base model is $144,500.

    About n2a Motors

    n2a Motors was founded in 2004 to revive the art of American coachbuilding. The n2a moniker stands for "no two alike," referring to n2a Motors' policy of building unique vehicles for each customer. No two vehicles will be built with identical color combinations. Kanter Concepts, n2a's parent company, produces concept cars for Detroit and foreign automakers and stealth technology prototypes for military contractors.
  2. I really love the Anteros designs.
  3. thats disgusting
  4. also lol @ ferrari 612 headlamps.
  5. I like the read angle, its decent. However that front is just <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/disappointed.gif"></A>
  6. Hahaha, the panel gaps on that silver one are woeful. That front bumper looks like a really bad fit. I don't mind the design though. Of the Coupe that is, the Roadster looks a bit lumpy.
  7. It looks like they had trouble closing the hood.
  8. I don't even need to read this to know that it's based on a Corvette/LS powered.
  9. I was like, not bad not bad. Then I saw the CRAPvette interior, lol.
  10. oh it's a kit car
  11. Normal corvette please
  13. nice panal gaps. for that price they can go #$%# themsleves.
  14. those are not panel gaps. Its a 1 piece hood. Clamshell hoods/hatches often are misaligned. Even on supercars.

  15. by a few mm, maybe

    not inches
  16. i dont think you know what a panel gap is. and other supercars are no excuse. it looks like shit.
  17. I like how the interior is "entirely new" with just some new leather.
  18. Have you ever seen a Lancia stratos?
    Handbuilt carts often have large panel gaps. they dont akways have the equipment to make closer gaps possible. Especially a kitcar maker like this. For a smalltime kitcar maker this is actually very impressive build quality.

  19. Not for the price.
  20. lol at the copying from ferrari and corvette
  21. this isnt even remotely copying. there are hundreds of cars with an oval grille opening and round headlamps. If anything it more resembles the first Corvettes.
  22. indeed
  24. In before Pandabear:
    front clip is going to come off before the roof. =\

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