The 2009 Anteros Coupe & Anteros Roadster

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by WhiteChocolateWorld, Feb 8, 2009.

  2. dude those are the exact same headlamps from the 612.
  3. are you seriously this stupid?
  4. No, it's what used to be called coachbuilt. Kind of like a Boano or Vignale body on a Ferrari 250 chassis.
  5. Sorta reminds me of a Spyker & a Tuscan.
  6. You're talking about something built in the 70s... like 30+ years ago...

    Those panel gaps are ridiculous for a car built/coachbuilt in 2009.

    Give me a Callaway C16.
  7. Complete rip off of an Aston AR1/DB7 Zagato.
  8. I promise you having seen a Callaway C12 close up there are definitely panel gaps. Not sure if the C16 improved upon it but most of these handbuilt cars have imperfect panel alignments and thats sort of the point of them. It sets each car apart as its own, imperfections and all.
  9. clear rip off of 911 interior.
  10. WOW! I thought this was typical Panda BS until I looked at the pics of the silver one. HORRIBLE!!
  11. the silver one is a clamshell hood. the other is not. Im not even sure if the clamshell was closed properly in these photoshoots. Ive seen pictures of Zondas and other supercars with the clamshell still a bit unlatched and it looks terrible but once its latched down it looks much better.
  12. The nose is ok but the Asss is WAY too big

    The interior is just a vette interior wrapped in leather

    The C6 is much better looking, just add that interior and your'e all set
  13. no, it doesn't set each car apart. it sets that model of car apart from other, normal cars that don't look like they've been cobbled together after a bad accident. look at a DB7, tell me what the panel gaps look like on one of those.

    generally, handbuilt cars don't look like utter shit because they're put together properly and the parts are crafted with some reasonable amount of care, which clearly isn't the case with the Anteros.
  14. Those pannelgaps are bad!

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