THE 24 Hours of Le Mans Thread

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  1. this one is pretty cool imo
  2. thoe pics look a lot better like that! I'll post some more when I'm back at my own home. and one moe ok photo
  4. sorry for the late response. When you buy a ticket for like 70 euro's you can already go to Le Mans in april for the test sessions. When you're on the track you can go everywhere you want. Even the paddock, but not throught the race tents of the teams. You can go to Arnage, mulsanne on the other side of the track with these tickets. I had a ticket for a seat at the Ford chicane tribune which costed me some more..It's cool but not really worth the money if you ask me. You can see a lot round the track and it's much more fun to walk around and take some sort of small folding seat with you and sit somewhere at the track.
    We also had a villa bed and breakfast sort of house with a really nice guy who gave us excellent breakfast and was very hospitable. Although I think for the real Le Mans feeling you just pick out a camping near mulsanne and sleep there in a tent. People bbq'ing al day long, drinking beer and everybody is just nuts.

    Oh and if you smoke, buy a lot of cigarettes before you go because the track and stand on it don't have licenses to sell them there so you're #$%#ed when you're a fanatic smoker like me.

    edit: beer at the track is 5 euros each for 0.5 litres thus very expensive. I'd suggest you buy a lot of beer at a near supermarket which costs you 5,50 or somthing for a whole sixpack..And bring lots of food with you because the food is awkard,expensive and there aren't a lot of choices. They even sell a baguette with french fries and a dry sausage on it..God dammit who invented that??
  5. for more question, fire away..
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    here the highlights of Le Mans, at 1:50 the massive crash of Rockenfeller without coverage in German and shIt in HD

  7. i.e. hotdog and fries

    Love you sirgay
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  10. I remember this odd French food!

    A seat at grandstands is nice if it rains alot. Also, it might get very cold at morning hours, so having warm wind resistant clothes packed is a good idea.

    Haha, 5e for a beer is normal price here...
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    It's not weird at all. It's called a mitrailette and every decent snackbar/friterie should have it. Over here you can order it with pretty much any snack you like.
  12. well 5 euros a beer is pretty fUcked up if you ask me
  13. I'm really glad I didn't buy that shIt. It just looks weird imo. Give me a 'broodje kroket' with mayo and ketchup instead anytime
  14. So happy for the Robertsons! They had an almost flawless run and became the first husband/wife team to stand on the podium at Le Mans. Andrea Robertson was also the first woman to do so since 1931!

    They're a great bunch of people, the definition of privateer and it was great seeing them get such a deserving result with their gorgeous Ford GT!
  15. oh I loved the Ford GT! and yeah they did very well indeed
  17. serge, did you see the mazda 787b on the track?
  18. no but I saw it in the parade! That was fUcking awesome
  19. Those extra lamps in the grill makes the front look like a rodent.

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