The 426 Max Wedge, the predecessor of the 426 Hemi

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    An interesting article of mopar's other 426ci engine , the 426 Max Wedge Stage III . The Max Wedge 426ci engine appeared in 1963 it was an increased 413 but with several other modifications including a short cross ram intake for dual four barrel carter Carbs , redesigned head ports, dual valve springs, and shaft-mounted rocker arms, and those heads mate to the block—itself notched for exhaust valve clearance—over durable stainless-steel head gaskets. Forged aluminum pistons with special rings ride atop Magnaflux-tested connecting rods. A hardened camshaft offers an aggressive .520-inch lift, 300-degree intake duration and 308-degree exhaust duration, and a 74-degree overlap. Here is an example of a rare sport fury fitted with one of those engines.

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  2. Another popular choice for front engine dragsters back then.
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