The AMC Inline Six Lives!!

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Jadotch, Nov 10, 2009.

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  2. Not really. It exists as a crate engine, which doesn't REALLY count.
  3. That said, I want this in a Cherokee.
  4. 265 hp and 290 lb ........ thats pretty meh for 4.7L

    The Falcon I6 produces 262hp, and 288lb from 4L
  5. The Falcon I6 isn't pushing forty years old.
  6. Yeah a 75 BHP and 55 ft-lbs power boost from just a stroker crankshaft is pretty meh...

    #$%#ing Arsetralians.
  7. I would consider the new aluminum Mopar 572 Hemi crate engine more news worthy, tho it is something indy cylinder heads and others have been making for a while, they just cost $20k-$30k.. the "g-Force 'cuda" has a 871 HP 572 from indy..

    i do love the old AMC straight sixes.
  8. I bet that strait 6 costs over 5 grand. That being said I want a 2 door 5 speed xj with a turbo stroker so bad.
  9. The best 5 grand you could invest in on a Jeep Cherokee.

    Actually, it isn't. But it will presumably have some sort of warranty, which is nice, and the convenience of installation is definitely a plus.
  10. Correct, but 33 years with the basically the same block isnt too far off either.
  11. Anyways, the Chrysler Hemi 265 still pwns all.

    4.3L, 302hp and 320lbft, in 1971
  12. according to wiki, AMC six (of this block) started in 1964.. will be 46 years old soon. They are a great engine.. most can last 300k+ miles, and they don't weight too much either, about 400 pounds.
  13. yes.. Willem Weertman was a great man..

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