the american superball

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  1. i watched part of it when it came on to television late last night as i was falling asleep

    i gotta tell ya, its better than ANY sleeping tablet. seriously, what a boring #$%#ing sport.

    im not a huge fan of rugby, but rugby is superior to this terrible sport in EVERY POSSIBLE WAY. Good grief.

    there is more standing around and chatting done by the players, than there is running around and shit.
  2. they have really good national anthems in the superballs though
  3. and I heard they have awesome halftime shows too, in superbals
  4. superball

    more like badball
  5. Some commies up in here.
  6. Yo ewok. s my d.
  7. I've seen Days of Thunder 10 times, but never an actual NASCAR race. Maybe you can watch Friday Night Lights.
  8. wan my son 2 bcom kwartaback and daet cheerleada
  10. nab cup this week - shit yeah.
  11. "watched"

    I missed it? shit, when was it?
  12. the best avatar
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    The chrysler zuiperbol commercial was prettay good

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    Anyone know the name of the song playing in the background?
  15. rugby is pretty boring because its too much like soccer with the pacing of it.
  16. you mean fast, and flowing?

    stopping every 15 seconds isn't interesting to watch
  17. srsly, even curling offers more consecutive action
  18. as I have said before, fast and flowing does not make as much room for strategy. I like the strategy of american football, and in those 15 seconds, a coach can swap players in that match up with certain formations, swap formations entirely, draw up trick plays, or realign players already on the field. Its what coaches do in those 15 seconds that determines the flow of the game overall.
    Like I said before, American football is far more complex than european football and that makes it an entirely different viewing experience. The main reason it takes that long to reset for each play, is because the Oline and Dline have to line up in a certain way according to the rules, and they are by far the most important part of the team. If either line fails to block, a play can be destroyed and thats when the crazy stuff happens. Its all part of it. It isnt "fast and flowing" most of the time because EVERY play has to be called and then executed.
    With a well coached team however, it actually flows pretty well with things like quick-count and no-huddle.
  19. needlessly complex =/= better to WATCH
  20. not to you, but I dont give a #$%# about you and neither do 100 million other people who obviously watched the super bowl. ITs a sport. If you dont like it, dont watch it. I fall asleep during soccer and baseball games, so I dont watch them. You can go scream GOALLLL or whatever when a team scores once or twice and call that exciting but its not for me.
  21. lol @ 100 million. world cup football 1 billion.
  22. shit

    is innotech foamin'?
  23. never a wider perspective than himself only
  24. no. If I was foamin, you would be able to tell.

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