the american superball

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  1. maybe they should not wear padding and helmets and tackle with strategy instead of brutality
    or would too much strategy in one game implode the universe
  2. now we're talking
  3. You wouldn't say that to their faces you little squirt.
  4. I never really got the point to overly working out. I mean, no matter how #$%#ing hard you try, you're not going to be stronger than your average chimpanzee, you're never going to be faster than like, even some of the most massive, stubby animals that can still run #$%#ing fast. Humans are here because we do one thing the best, thinking. Give me a gun and let me be lazy as #$%# whilst hovering around the top of Maslow's hierarchy, that's making the best out of the genetic hand you got dealt.

    /irrelevant rant
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  6. they dont have the superball up here, but lol more likely to be struck by lightning retards
  7. Its designed to be the most explosive sport around. Wouldnt be as interesting or impressive if you took away the superhuman aspect of the game. Notice how boring womens sports are.
  9. HAHA, I banned the midget
  10. If you've never been very strong then you wouldn't understand the powerful feeling that comes with being bigger, stronger, faster.

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