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Discussion in '2006 Volkswagen GX3 Concept' started by Zaratustra, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. made by Ariel a company with a dozen employees, using aftermarket parts and ensambling them in a granary, and still much, much better than the attempt of one of the biggest car maker to do the same...
  2. But the difference is that Ariel specialises in one particular type of vehicle, where Volkswagen's experience includes vehicles for every automotive/truck segment from superminis to Prime mover trucks. For them, this is something completely different, a combination of a car and motorcycle, and for a company that has no experience with the latter i think they did a pretty decent job!
  3. I'm sure that VW has more than enough experience and resources to outdo Ariel, but I think the purpose of this concept is to test the market waters for this type of machine. Of course, the Ariel outperformes this one but the VW has potential-and its more attractive!
  4. Your right, VW has built this just to test the response for this type of vehicle, to see if it would be a worthwhile thing to build them for the US market. And while VW does have enough resources, it's experience is in making things on four wheels, meaning that this, being the first time they've made something like this, may not be as good as the Ariel, who specialises in one type of vehicle. Personally though, I also reckon that the VW looks pretty good for what it is...I'd take one if offered, for sure!
  5. And the cheapest Atom will run you ~$34k while the GX3 is listed in the article to be around $17K. That 300HP supercharged version you're probably thinking about from the episode of Top Gear, that starts at around ~$43k.

    If VW wanted to beat the Atom, they would've built it into the ~40k price range. There are more people that will buy a $17k toy than a $40k toy.
  6. I bet there is more people willing to pay $43,000 for an atom than $17,000 for this tricicle
  7. its the cooliest
  8. i hate all 3 wheeled cars

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