the authoritarian right/left on the modern internet

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  1. so I decided to post on another forum (something I rarely do) and promptly got banned. I didn't even say anything controversial and I got dogpiled and banned by the third post. I didn't even say anything remotely similar to what I usually post on People are now policing tone (wtf). How the fuk do you police TONE from freaking text? Things have gotten idiotic.

    I have been following far left wing and right wing sites and youtube and both sides are the same in their approach. Both sides spit propaganda and bs and blame the other. Echo chambers are the worst thing that has happened on the internet and while I do not believe that these practices will spill over to the real world, they do grind my gears. /rant
  2. You should read the shit people post on Instagram. The shit people believe is insane. I never could fathom there being that many fucktarded people with the brain power of a F.A.S. baby on heroin until I started reading posts on there. And the sad thing is; it's not just a handful of people. The fucks are eating Tide pods for ****'s sake. I can't wait until shotgun Russian roulette is a trend.
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    I feel like engaging any deeper on social media will cause me to lose additional brain cells from listening to to tyt and infowars.

    I refuse to believe the tide pods challenge is not just edgy teens eating
    tide pods shaped jello in order to shock adults.
  4. No, these kids are really that fucking dumb
  5. We were kinda stupid when we were younger.
  6. We still are, just not helmet class
  7. I was never eating Tide pods kind of dumb.
  8. We did other things and heard stories about other kids eating fire ants and whatnot.
  9. Eh fire ants are still edible. Gross, but edible.
    But hey, kids are fucking morons. So the obvious best thing to do is let them choose their gender, act like our BFFs, and decide on political matters.
  10. the only difference is now stupidity can be spread like a virus

    more often though, maybe 10 kids eat tide pods and the the entire population of the earth knows about it
    in the past it would make the news and thousands would know
    before that, stupidity would only be known locally
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  11. [​IMG]
    the farther left or right you go, the closer you are to the other extreme and the more the beliefs lean towards extremism and authoritarianism (if you disagree gtfo, go to prison, take a helicopter ride). its pretty ironic they dont see themselves in their enemy, or they dont see the problem in using the same tactics they so despise in others.

    I would advise against letting it get you down, i spend a lot of time following people on twitter and reddit who have crazy ideas but i try to let it wash over me and not engage. theres plenty of good media and info to consume, and smart people who have reasonable opinions. seek them out
  12. If that somehow promotes natural selection, I'm all for it.
  13. we need it. theres too many people out there and we get to hear about all their problems and all their stupid ideas
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  14. I will keep posting this as long as it remains relevant:

    The internet peaked in 2004.
  15. I agree. Anonymous conversation with strangers at a similar point in their lives, in a safe environment, really peaked in my mid-late teens when I was at my most emotionally vulnerable. Also, pop music.
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    The only stuff I really trust anymore is my own research unless the piece of media is from someone credible and he/she provides proof and citations.
    I feel like I've had higher quality conversations with people on the internet back then than now. I realize it is because the masses
    have easier access to the internet. It seems like social cascades are a huge factor now and the only concern I have about that is that
    it spills over to real life and it begins to affect decision makers.
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  17. “Every generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it, and wiser than the one that comes after it.”
    -- Krusty the Clown
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    It's not a generational thing, but a combined problem among the masses. It's really easy for people to get sucked into these conversations because 1. the internet is easy to use 2. the social cascade effect that takes place and 3. people want to be heard and think their opinion counts. It is true that these factors did not really exist when we were growing up but that is because we grew up relatively free from social media and discussion happened in forums and chatrooms. Any kind of nostalgia I may have from that time is purely a result of current misguided rhetoric that is spouted in earnest.
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  19. I'd rather revert to dial up days where people were scared of the webs. Even if it means finishing a faps before the picture fully loads again.
    Why the **** is f4p censored?
  20. I think, in general, the way that the Internet and 'new media' have changed discourse for the worse is how it allows people to self-curate their information and, in particular, news (although science and health have also suffered). People have a well-documented tendency to seek out sources and information that confirm their preconceptions. When you find such media, and consume it, it gives the creator some incentive to continue making media for that market and you end up with very isolated islands of thought within broader platforms on Twitter, Facebook, et. al.

    Previously, when broadcast and print media was limited, the curators of that media had (and, in fact, still do have) incentive to have a diversity of views in their pages in order to attract a wider readership or audience. They had (and, in fact, still do have) an incentive to get things right, to verify information, and not move forward on hearsay or rumor. Left-leaning papers like the New York Times will employ, intentionally, a handful of conservative columnists to add a diversity of views to their column-inches. It was a forum where people had their views challenged, but in a way that made sense to them, from a place of safety, and from a source which they respected.

    In the story of the Library of Babel, a universe exists of rooms beyond rooms, packed with shelves, with tomes upon tomes of a very strange set of books. The books together contained, once each, every possible combination of latin script fit to print. In turn, it must contain every possible truth, and also every lie. It contains the biography of everyone who ever lived or will live, and other volumes of false biographies of nothing but slander. There were cults in the library, people who believed various things about it, including those who sought the 'master catalog' - the book which described the contents of the library itself. Its moral is simple: Uncurated information, even if that information complete and total, is equivalent to no information at all.
  21. I never realised I leaned towards the right, until the far left became so vocal.
  22. i think the difference between the fringes of left and right is that the far right is pretty self evidently ugly, while the far left seems innocuous and friendly and accepting, and thus attractive. Jordan peterson has been illustrating this for me. you almost dont need to call out the far right. we've seen hitler. but people seem to forget what happens when you go all the way to the left, and inevitably need to resort to authoritarianism to achieve the utopia in your mind.

    in venezuela people are starving at a terrible rate. to combat this, the govt has made it illegal for doctors to report malnourishment as a cause of death.

    that said, i think the right loves the green haired 18 year olds shutting down speakers, or antifa burning dumpsters. because they can say 'look, thats the left wing!' it happens both ways, but the left gets a lot of mainstream acceptance because of the ostensible positivity.


    or else...
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  23. I just think if you push too far in one direction, the opposite will rise, hence why Trump is president. Its the lefts fault really. Everyone has too much of a voice these days. Theres idiocy on both sides (Antifa, Alex Jones), and the dumbest ones seem to be the loudest, with the exception of a few like Peterson.
    I like the vision of everyone getting along in Utopia. But personally, my problem is they seem to disregard reality too often.
  24. All of this is fine. The problem is that places that allow people to disseminate their views are by and large these days not willing to allow any discussions which don't conform. It's never been difficult to find sources of information to either confirm or combat some idea or ideal you hold. But it's never been harder to find any place where you can find people disagreeing with each other. Those conversations never take place rationally anymore - online or off - and it's more and more common for them to just be shut down altogether because it's either too chaotic to be productive or the person running the platform just says "**** off with your leftist commie bullshit" or whatever.
  25. social media is definitely like that, but you can find intelligent conversations easier than ever. the issue is that nobody really seems interested.
    look at the way peterson is treated, called altright by people on the left who have never heard a word of petersons that wasnt filtered through someone trying to smear him. I just read a new yorker piece on him, and while it wasnt exactly unfair, i detected the smug contempt that the casual peterson dismisser could easily use to reinforce their preconceived position. and I like the new yorker overall.

    look at guys like ben shapiro, alternately called a nazi by those on the left and a jewcuck globalist by those further right than him. hes neither, hes just a conservative guy. well he is a (((jew)))

    i think the future generations will adapt to social media in a way that we and previous generations havent yet. young people seem to be better able to filter and dismiss the opinions of the faceless masses and let it just bounce off with barely a acknowledgement

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