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  1. I always smirk when Venezuela is used as an example of what happens when you go too far to the left. From day one the Fifth Republic's intention was to completely sack the country of every possible resource so the few that are in control can get morbidly wealthy through unprecedented corruption, all of this was masked under a "socialist umbrella" so they could get support of the ignorant masses and get rid of the old, center or right win politicians that were aligned with the US and controlled the country since the late 50s.

    Chavez/Maduro have no idea what left or right is, they just know corruption
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  2. oligarchs gonna demagogue then rob the rubes who kissed their boots

    did they follow through with any of their socialist promises?

    thats the problem with authoritarianism, you give all the power to one side and they just have the power to strip the country for themselves. imagine if the trump supporters who want him to lock up political rivals and think that liberalism is a mental disease to be purged actually got the country they wanted. how long until the country would become a hellhole? obviously this works vice versa. open borders, police used to enforce rules on 'hate speech', etc
  3. loling at the genderfluid non binary poetry slam
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  5. I haven't gotten that impression from the things I hear that are talked about at my kids school as well as the schools my friend's kids go to. Also, I'll direct you to all the BS the kids on Instagram believe.
  6. When Chavez took over there social infrastructure was already set up. Education was free all the way up to doctorate programs, healthcare was free although horrible, and lower income families received government funding and food. It was more indoctrination than anything. The Cuban secret service sent a shitload of agents disguised as doctors and sport coaches. Plenty of Chinese too.

    They also nationalized most of the private sector, including media, and the companies that refused to be bought out just picked up and went across the border to Colombia. It was all a complete farce that was fueled by high oil prices in the 2000s.
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    We all know extreme right-wing and extreme left-wing tends to be utter and complete hypocrites.

    Personal experience:

    Only met no more than maybe three extreme right wing people that fits into the negative stereotypes. Look no farther than some of the extreme right-wing channels or websites to know what they are like.

    Met around two dozen extreme left wing people, all terrible human beings by any standard. One of them is the most annoying person I have ever encountered. This person, being a close friend of my parents, means once in a while I will have take a lot of insults and other forms of crap from her. She is the stereotypical elitist type, with the logic "You are a worthless piece of garbage, because my son went to better school than you, and he makes more money than you", while putting on the Social Justice Warrior act at every opportunity to preach about unconditional love, tolerance, tear down walls, build bridges, my country is full of racists and bigots. Give me a break.
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    I'd like to send people like that, into middle eastern or African warzone, and see how far their message goes.

    Also, I know 3 extreme left wing 'preachers'. And all 3 are women. One has literal mental issues she likes to plaster every detail about all over facebook, and is a 'cutter'. Another is probably the biggest slut I've ever met, with siblings to different dads (so I guess the apple didnt fall far from the tree), and the other has the foulest mouth on anything I've encountered, and has a dad in jail.
    Theres like a trend that the extreme left seems to attract loud arse crazy women.
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    Not here. The majority of those extreme left wing hypocrites I had met are guys. A few ladies too. Some are from older generations. Some are millennials. What they all have in common is they are arrogant and hostile to anyone they consider to be inferior to them. And they can't tolerate anyone or anything that does not fit perfectly into their beliefs.

    The millennial ones I met, when they were in school they worship Hillary Clinton, and were preaching about how great globalism and outsourcing are. Anyone who disagrees, or points out some of the negative consequences, they get triggered and start to insult you, and label you a bigot / racist / fascist / Republican / alt-right. Which is quite hilarious because outsourcing of jobs usually has nothing to do with race or gender or political party.

    And once they graduate, some of them have to face all sorts of trials this world throws at them. Those who had to endure and survive the hardships have softened up their once extreme hardline views over the years. The ones who are very smart and get high salary jobs at a young age, or have rich parents, are still as extreme and intolerant as ever.

    I want to clarify here I'm not against globalism as a whole, we obviously need to do trades with other countries. But some of the negative impacts of globalism, such as stagnant wages, and people losing jobs, are hard to ignore. Myself, at one point, was going through hard times due to this kind of things. But I consider myself fortunate. The trials I had to go through were nowhere nearly as bad as the hardships that some people I know had to endure.

    I honestly do not think it is a crime to address some of the problems caused by globalism, regardless of how many people these concerns might offend. We as human beings want to survive and live a better life.
  10. the fucking elites
  11. Lauren Southern gets detained in UK for wanting to interview Tommy Robinson, yet many known ISIS sympathizers are allowed back in no problem.

    This is what I hate about extreme left control.
  12. Lauren Southern is a pretty cool dude.
  13. We've had years(sad, no?) to get used to shitposting. I see why it doesn't bother me now.
  14. And who are you?
  15. Nobody important.
  16. ours were/are quality shitposts though

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