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  1. As the owner of a 1995.5 S4S, I know just what these machines are capable of. Fed by a huge Garret T3/60, this incredible wedge shaped rocket makes 300hp and 290lbs ft, all from a 2.2 litre, inline 4.

    With a true 0-60 time of 4.54 seconds, this car is one of the most amazing machines on the planet. Only 250 of these incredible machines were ever made, and priced less than most supercars of the time (Ferrari, Porsche) it all out kicked ass. Carrying a tag of around $78,000, the Lotus S4S was a beast.

    The 1995 S4S tore down such cars as the:

    -380hp, $131,000,(YES, $53,000 difference) FERRARI F355 (0-60: 4.7)
    -485hp, $208,000,(YES, $130,000 difference) FERRARI 550 (0-60: 4.7)
    -435hp, $200,000+(YES, THAT MUCH MONEY!!!) FERRARI 512M (0-60: 4.6)
    -272hp, $62,000, (Less power - more common)PORSCHE 911/2(0-60: 5.2)
    -269hp, $70,000, (Less power - more common)PORSCHE 911/4(0-60: 5.7)

    While losing out to few such as the:

    -400hp, $102,000, (YEP!, $24,000 difference)PORSCHE 911T(0-60: 4.0)

    (NOTE: The Porsches come with, at this price, very little on the equipment, while the S4S comes fully loaded with Rolls Royce Connolly leather, and a LONG list of features.)

    As you can see, the Porsche 911 Turbo is the only car that did the S4S in, but for $24,000, a 100+HP AND 110+LBS FT, plus a 6-cyl to work with, it should perform better. Not to mention, a fully loaded Porsche Turbo ran about $132,000.


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    this is by far my absolute favorite 4 cylinder car. i love the performance and the design. i f i bought one of thease i probably gould change the turbo from the single garrett unit to a pair of hks units and bump the hp up to around 500 that and the handeling that only lotus
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    I'll take this over the V-8.<!-- Signature -->
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    A guy down my street owns one of these but red, and wow! What a nice car. Love how they look and i love listening to it rip around the corner. What a beast.
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    Hey Importguy, do u live in anaheim hills, cuz if u do i think i may know who ure talkin about
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    Red S4s, i agree, these cars are amazing. I plan on buying one in about 4 years when im out of college. For about $35k for a nice one i cant go wrong. Even though i love ferraris, a 308 just isnt fast enough. Do you have any mods on it? I plan to do exhaust, an electric chargecooler pump, a blow off vavle (mainly for the sound<IMG SRC=""> )and a few other minor things. Even though i've experienced the V8 turbo power once, they are too expensive and for some reason i just want an S4s. But if early V8 prices drop, i might pick up one of those. I would like one with the updated interior, how feasable would it be to buy the interior out of a junked one and install it in an S4s? Anyway, i look forward to talking about the S4s with you because it seems that most peolpe here dont know what the hell they are talking about.
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    This has got to be the best 4 banger out there no doubt!
    And one of the best Esprits ever if not the best.
    I would go with an Esprit 350 sport over this but in reality this one is less money so heh,I want one damnit!

    Imports Rule!!!!!!!
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    I have not been on this site in a while so excuse the delayed response. My car is, at the moment, stock with the exception of clear turn signals up front and soon to have 2002 tail lights and exhaust in back. I would go against the blow off valve as it gets very annoying in normal use and the "whirring" sound is just so cool when shifting.

    I'd suggest if you want an updated interior and such just go with the V8. As you already know, it is very expensive to replace a clutch on these cars ($900), and I'd assume the prices for a whole interior would be far too great.

    Also, the V8's are still workable. I am thinking of buying a V8 soon, but I still love the S4S dearly.
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    you know. 0-60 times mean shit,

    The Lotus doesnt automatically win cause it has a better 0-60 time.

    being a lotus owner (.?.) im sure you would know the Lotus is not about 0-60 times
  10. That's true , 0-60 means nothing ,the Lotus doesn't automatically win because of 0-60. I think both of those Ferraris have a higher topspeed anyways than the Esprit , and racing is more than a straight line ,plus it depends on the drivers etc...

    Don't get me wrong I love Lotus ( Esprit , Elise both excellent cars )but honestly now ,anyone who has ever heard an F355 rip down the road would much rather have that than this Lotus.

    This is however still a fantastic car for less money ( as REdS4S )pointed out ,and it's only a 4- banger which adds to the amazement.

    Also as scentless pointed out Lotus is not about 0-60,but neither is Ferrari,nor Porsche for that matter.
  11. One of the best sounding 4 bangers too.

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