The Best Japanese car in the World ?

Discussion in '2002 Honda NSX Coupe' started by Lee Iacocca, Oct 27, 2002.

  1. What do you think about ?

    It's a mid engine, the only asian mid-engine production car in the world....

    BUT, is it enough to be classified as the best ?

    What do you think ?

    Which one is THE best ?

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    If u don't count the road car versions of Toyota GT1 and Nissan R390. NSx is the best. Not the best bang for teh buck though.
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    Well said!
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    You forget about Toyota's MR2 and custom car manufacturer Tommy Kaira has MR models as well. Just to correct that error<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    The normal NSX is more like a cruiser than a race track sports car. If u really did drive it, u would've found out that it's very comfy, while the Evo7's ride is really harsh. The primary reason why the GTR and Lan Evo has better acceleration is becuz they are 4WD, they have better grip when getting away from the starting line. If u want real performance, the NSX-R is for u.
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    Yeah, bang for the buck is down, but WHAT A CAR!!!!!
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    Exotics are RARELY great bang for the (HP) buck anyhow, and NSX is NO EXCEPTION to the rule. That HP/buck honor goes to American Muscle cars. It's a great price for the whole car other than the engine though that's for sure, however. Honda spend 8 years of R&D into developing the chas which is probably more than the time & $$ they've spent on developing the motor-it was almost like an afterthought IMHO (although I contend that the HP/liter output of the NSX's C30A engine back in the early days was the highest for a naturally breathing production car, higher than that of Ferrai's then and definitely the C4 Corvettes/Vipers too). For the lucky NSX owners out there, they have to thank the late Ayrton Senna, all time Formula one great, for helping Honda develop the NSX's chasis. Look for it here, you'll also find the whole clip very informative too:

    Some really COOL Senna in-cockpit racing clips, powered by Honda V-10's and V-12's (both granddaddy of the C30A NSX engine). Listen to them wail and shriek !!! It doesn't get any high-tech than that!

    ALSO, noticed the speedometer gauge in the McLaren F-1 cockpit. The S2000 resembles it 99% !! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    Hmmm... I don't think they should (GT1 and R390) be classified as "production" cars...

    They're "on order", limited editions and probably "out of stock" cars...
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    That's why i said don't count them.

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    Sweeeeeeet... thanks for the links! How do people FIND these links??? Yahoo never brings up jack $hit, other than (one of the best NSX sites I've ever seen).
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    The EVO is great for its price, but in terms of handline, especially high speed cornering, the Skyline and NSX are just better. But on really narrow adn twisty road, the EVo rocks!
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    isnt the nsx-r a concept.
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    I think its the Toyota MKIV Supra or Nissan Skyline
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    Nope, it's on sale in japan, it's about 10 -15% more expensive than a normal NSX.
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    When u talk about handling, u dun't just talk about G's and slalom, for example, a Ferrari 348TB has 0.90G, but its actual handling is really worst than the Porsche Carrera 4, which has only 0.81G. Why? Becuz it all depends on the road. On a skidpad test, the track is super smooth, perfectly round, and the test driver can go wild with the car, the latreal accleration just tells us wut is the how fast the car can corner, not how EASY to do so. Another example is the corvette, it can pull 1.00G, does that mean it handles better than a ferrari 360 modena or the EVo or the SKyline? No!

    To really determine a car's performance and handling, lap time is the perfect guide, and most car experts recommend the Nurburgring.
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    I thought ur talking about the NSX-R, weren't u?
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    Oic, the NSX-R did it in 7:56, if u live in Vancouver, i can tell u where u can get a video of the NSX-R doing 7:56 in nurburgring.
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    The standard model is slower than the GTR. He's talking about the NSX-R, but lord knows how fast the N1 runs the Nurburgring. I haven't been able to find an official time yet.
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    I can't find the normal NSX's time, but then the normal NSX is more like a weekend crusier rather than a sports car. I mean the EVo's ride comfort is no match for the NSX.
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    They are totally different cars. The NSX is an exotic, while the Lancer is a sports car. To tell u the truth, i like the Lancer, I would like to have one! Anyways, HOnda doesn't make any money for making the NSX, I think u know why, or u should know. If u say the NSX is expensive, porsche 911 and 360 modena are wut then?
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    Well I dunno about the 911 Turbo, but according to Speedvision "Road Test" when they were doing an in depth expository of the 2002 NSX they compared it to a 2002 911 Carrerra GT and even with the traction control off the NSX handled better than the 911 Carrerra GT.

    And I've seen a number of comparison's ( mainly one's in which the NSX's 280 hp was upped a bit to even out the power figures) and it has beaten the 911 Turbo, 360 Modena, Corvette Z06, Skyline, and a number of other cars, so just to say the others are better based on a few tests is kinda presumptuous wouldn't you say?

    Anyway, the NSX has better handling than alot of people think because of the way it looks, the Chasis is stiffer than the chasis of all Ferrari's, the weight distribution couldn't be much better, etc. So quit assuming it handles poorly just because of the way it looks or because of the size of its engine.

    There are very few cars that can compare to the NSX in handling that's that.
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    Yes, they kil the NSX

    I found out that the 360 modena beats the NSX by 1 sec in Sugo, but the NSX beats iit in Suzuka by 3 sec!!
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    Re: The Best Japanese car in the World ?

    G'day from down under kiddies.

    This one is bound to put a rocket up any NSX fan. Every year in Japan, the auto journalists with racing licences get together with the best sports cars from each company.

    5 fast & furious laps against the following.

    1. R34 GTR V-spec
    2. R33 GTR
    3. NSX Type-Zero
    4. NSX Type-S
    5. EVO VRS
    6. EVO GSR
    7. RX-7 Type-RS

    Go to this link & click on "TSUKUBA BATTLE"

    Who wins.....??

    Well, just a hint. I'm a rotary fan thats in the NSX forum stirring the pot. Enjoy the video girls. Its 96Meg long but worth it. (for me it was anyway).
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    The Accord Type R was tuned in Nurburgring.

    The track time for NSX-R in Nurburgring is 7:56.

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