The Best Mercedes Ever?

Discussion in '2003 Mercedes-Benz SL 55 AMG' started by Benz55AMG, Aug 9, 2002.

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    I am absolutly obsessed with the new SL, or as I call it the quintessence of the roadster. Anyways I hope that you all post all of your pictures, reviews, and info on the the new SL especially the masterpiece 55 AMG.

    and in case you don't know about it my website is
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    I hope Mercedes has processed my order. Mine's on the way... Here's some pics that perhaps you haven't seen.
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    +this is M-B best flagship in years
    the looks are so fresh and its got that "wow" factor that turns other people's heads when they look at you driving one.

    And itf it wasnt enought, its got AMG modifications
    wow... too bad I'm not seeing or driving one anytime soon...

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    Go to NYC if you want to see one, people are driving it there already.

    Also, I would say the CL is probably more their flagship than the SL. At least from a price standpoint it would appear so (MSRP and without the dealer price-gouging of course).
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    "Holydude", the SL 500 is out on the streets already, but not the AMG SL 55.<!-- Signature -->
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    Sure beats the shit out of an M3 (or an M5 for that matter).<!-- Signature -->

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