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Discussion in '1997 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP' started by AndyDouglas, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. What are the best modifications to install on one of these bad boys? Plus are there any body kits that are built for the grand prix gtp or gt?
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    the only body mod I know of is the Ram Air GTX hood
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    The best mod on a GTP is getting a smaller pully. A pully can add around 20 to 30 hp and you can buy one for around $70. (although you have to buy a special puller to install one or have someone do it for you) After that a K&N cone filter could add 8 to 10 hp (depending on setup) and taking away the restricted secions of the exhaust (u-bend and downpipe) can add around 10 hp. You should feel the most dramatic inprovement with the pully. A 3.4 is a safe size to go to if you are mostly stock otherwise. Anything less than that and you would have to add some major mods to get any more performance.<!-- Signature -->
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    listen to Matt Lackore, just do it in reverse. intake and exhaust first, then pulley and 180 stat.

    if you do the pulley first and you dont have an exhaust and intake you will not get full potential of the pulley and you run the risk of your headers glowing!

    I recomend doing a tanny cooler to protect your tranny with the added hp. hes right though you can get a true 30 h/p with the mods above.

    dont forget use a pulley remover that was designed for our s/c's. its cheaper to get a $100 tool than to replace the s/c snout!!

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