the best of american muscle?

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    a Hemi Dart personifies American Muscle to me
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    well, though the GTO was the original muscle car, i honestly hafta say it was the crappiest, sorry. The best was either this, the charger, or the Cuda. To put it simple, the rank of Muscle cars went like this from least dominating to most dominating: GM, Ford, MOPAR. And dont think im a MOPAR guy, im really not. Im actually a Ford dood, but i still love them MOPARs.

    Chrysler won the muscle car battle because they were smart and brave enough to basically offer the 426 HEMI in ALL of their performance cars. Ford developed the BEST engine of them all, the 427 CAMMER. It came in about 50 Galaxies (i think, mighta been fairlanes). The 427 CAMMER's stats can be found in my signature. Unfortunately it wasnt streetlegal because of its immense power. Chevy arguably was the "worst" of the three, not to imply that they werent good, but they werent the best or 2nd best (out of three). This was because despite having the most street legal power in their cars...they couldn't meet the time to power ratio that Dodge or Ford met. Ford's 429s were substantially less powerful than Chevy's 427s but still ran times that were better for the power they had. Ford's 429s had like 375 horses while Chevy's 427s had like 400 or somethin, yet their times weren far off. Plus, some 67 GT500s came with race ready 427s (Shelby's little secret). However, one thing remains. The official power output from the bigblocks of back then were severely underrated.
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    Well, the old GTOs might have been faster than the new ones (provided u use good tires), but the old GTOs still sucked when it came to performance, im sorry. If you were to race a GTO with any V8 mustang, the Mustang would likely win due to the weight and even accelleration advantages the stang had. Now, thats not even mentioning the Yenkos, or anything armed with the might HEMI.... I think Pontiac weny for the theory of "more metal=better car", which isnt always true. Ive seen blocks bigger than a 427 that arent really that great cuz they power a heavy ass car (i.e. 1970 Chevelle SS 454 LS6, 450 horses, 500 torque), compared to say a 1965 Ford CAMMER (sadly it wasnt street legal, but catch my drift?)
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    Vette all the way the corvette was there first and the corvette is still around i think the corvette is true american muscle
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    What defines the "best of american muscle?"... you could argue a '67 427 Vette was the best... or a Hemi Cuda, a GTO Judge, a Shelby, a Cobra... depends on what you mean by best of Amerian muscle
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    umm the vettes not really a muscle car, the only ones that can be considered are the stingray and the L-88 i may have missed one but primarily its not, but the dodge dart hemi has to be the best muscle car, 750 horses and its got to be the lightest of them all.
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    GTO period
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    Vettes arent Muscle Cars

    #1 Not affordable
    #2 Fiberglass body (cheap fiberglass might I add)
    #3 2 seater. Musclecars were supposed to be family cars with muscle basically.
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    Im not a Vette fan ut i have to disagree with your #1 and 3 statements.
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  11. i think the best of american muscle is the 69 superbee with a six pack 440, the 440 proved time and a again to be the better 1/4 mile motor in the day than the Hemi. The Superbee is also a bare bones muscle car the way they all should be.

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