THE Best one-off car ever

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  1. batmobile
  2. That is not a one off
  3. ya right
  4. the batwing is sooo much better
  5. Seriously beautiful vehicle. One of the best looking cars from that era.
  6. It's cool but not a one off
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  9. i think it is one-off, this was Nuccio Bertone personal cars, he built it for his personal use. only 3 ferraris had been desinged by Bertone, this one, and the one in 1960 which i think 2 or 3 cars built if i am not mistaken(in the below pic with the Giugiaro-designed car) and the Dino 308/208 GT4
    i could be mistaken since i am not expert in Ferraris, but i have goos info about Bertone.
    also check ths picture of the young giugiaro (then) next to the car when it was built. the car had been restored and it is blue now.
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    one of the best finds in the history of automobiles. nor big fan of this car though <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A> (same with GTZ) i still belive 350/400 GT more attractive, speakcing of 400, check this intersting video, who said Lambos are not relaibe ????
  11. OK. That makes sense because I have seen that model 3-4 years ago in blue so it could be the same car with a new paint job.

    I think Ferrari had enough Bertone after the Dino GT4 ...
  12. if this is the case,then they should have enough pininfarina after the mondial

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