The Best Powerplant ever...???

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by Aaron1978, Sep 8, 2004.

  1. So guys...

    What's the greatest engine ever dropped into a car?

    Now we're not just talking sheer size or power here, no, I want to know, what in your opinion is the best engine in it's own context.

    For example. My vote would probably go to the Rover V8 (a rather obvious choice I know) as it is not only a superbly designed and built unit with such flexibility as to power Land Rovers to TVRs to Drag Racers... it also sounds the muts nuts!!!

    So come on guys... What would you vote for and why???

    If I get enough responses I'll put together a poll....
  2. The new M5's V10. Nothing better right now. (IMO) And I'm not talking about supercar engines.
  3. hmmmmmm i dunno i haven't experienced many engines from behind the wheel. the E46 M3 engine (dad's car) is certainly better than my astra's. but by all accounts the mac F1 engine is - and it has the best engine sound in my opinion. i would have the E46 M3 Engine, the BMW Mac F1 Engine, and the 360s 3.6L flat-plane V8 - god damn that thing sounds good, and i guess the CS version would be better again.
  4. probably the engines in the Enzo, the McLaren F1 or the Carrera GT, all naturally aspirated fire breathing works of art and all over 600 horsepower and none even over 6 liters (ok the Mac is 6.1). The Enzo probably has the best engine overall right now.

    I see how the enzo is beating the Carrera GT in alot of performance tests, at its weight, the Enzo almost seems under rated for power.
  5. the BMW 3.0 has seen a lot of action, its tried and true. but the Prius setup is pretty rawsome.. good power, and tons of economy.
  6. Flat-6 from Porsche 959.
  7. What about the engine in the new Bugatti? I know it has 18 cylinders and 4 turbos. My b/f thinks that car is a joke (he hates it actually) but I quite like it, I think the engine is very innovative.
  8. The Rover V8 is by origin a GM / Buick V8
  9. Wow you must be an insider to know it now has 18 cylinders!!!
  10. Oh I'm sorry about that! I was thinking of another Bugatti concept. I'm here to learn so please don't think of me badly cus I said that! :p
  11. Run away from this forum while you still can. It aint safe in here.

    Before u know it u end up like me. A sck perverted addict. It drains all your life energy and eventually k!lls you. But before that you just waist your time posting 20000 messages getting lamer and lamer by the minute.
  12. The 4.3 Ferrari V8 looks promising..

    8500 Rpm , 43 kgm , 490 hp ...

  13. Gosh!
    My internet sense of humour isn't very developed so please tell me you were using a lot of sarcasm!
    Sorry guys for going off-topic!
  14. BMW M5 V8 400hp
  15. Funny how you put this thread in the Europe car forum, and nor car comparrasion....
  16. ...thus eliminating Chevy/Cosworth/etc. engines from contention.
  17. Isnt Cosworth english ?
  18. yes,

    and the Cosworth DFV is the best engine ever.
  19. Yeah, but there's the Ford connection.
  20. Old V12's...Ferrari 1.5 liter V12's Cool!
  21. So, by your logic, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Volvo, SAAB are all American cars.
  22. Man, I hate that GM is screwing Saab in the ass so hard. First they start building Saabs that are based on an approx. one decade old Subaru. And as it looks now, they're gonna move the whole production from Trollhättan, Sweden, to Rüsselheim, Germany.
  23. I'll agree with you about GM and SAAB.
  24. No, simply that many people would consider a Ford-Cosworth engine to be more American than British.
  25. Only idiots.

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