The Best Powerplant ever...???

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by Aaron1978, Sep 8, 2004.

  1. i forgot about the Porsche engines.
  2. Well, in most cases...
  3. V12 engine in the Ferrari Enzo
  4. V10 TDi in VW Touareg and Phaeton.
  5. Enzo's v12.
  6. yeah, no. i would think everyone considers cosworth engines to be british, seeing they are built and designed in england and built and designed by a company that was formed in england by english people. calling cosworth american is calling lamborghini german. and the reason this is in the euro forums is that an american engine would never be up for best engine, japs maybe, but they don;t produce enough power to compete with the euro supercar engines.
  7. I agree with you about Cosworth, but there are a lot of great American engines. We don't tax displacement in the US (bad idea anyway), so our engines aren't designed for specific output. Specific output is TOTALLY meaningless in a street car unless displacement is taxed. If you use meaningful criteria (size, weight, fuel consumption, reliability, longevity, power) to judge engines, then American engines might be the best.
  8. You would think that, but you'd be wrong. Look, all I'm saying is that some people wouldn't mention, say, a Cosworth DFV in this thread because it's (loosely) based on a Ford Cortina block. As far as I'm concerned, the DFV is a British engine.
  9. M3 / M5 . M3 is more likely to be better though.

    6.0 AMG is also amazing considering its torque (but low HP relatively, I know).
  10. The Ford Cortina (if you are refering to the Crossflow/OHV) engine is English designed anyway.
  11. alfa's 3.2 V6 is gorgeously engineered
    as are most old lancia engines
  12. That's correct, it was built by Ford in Kent, England.
  13. Porsche's Flat 6, awesome engine N/A and amazing when turbo charged.

    On a side note, how could people choose the 400hp BMW V8 when Chevy's 400hp V8 is superior in just about every way?
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    Same here.

    BTW, this is a cool book (on sale at many major bookstores too):
    The list:
    Alfa 8C 2300
    Alfa twin-cam
    Aston Martin straight-six
    Bentley 4 1/2 liter
    BMC A-series
    BMW M10 series
    Bugatti Type 35
    Chevrolet small-block V8
    Chrysler Hemi
    Coventry Climax FW Series
    Ferrari V12
    Ford Kent
    Ford small-block V8
    Jaguar XK
    Lamborghini V12
    Porsche flat-6
    Rolls Royce V8
    Rover V8
    Volkswagen Beetle
  15. The old volvo engines. They are unbreakable.
  16. BMW McLaren F1 engine
    BMW 6 in-line M3 (CSL) engine
    BMW new M5 engine

    Porsches Flat 6 from the new GT3

    a good engine has to be reliable too I think....
  17. Lambo V12s since the 3.5 to the current 6.2
  18. E39 M5 5.0 V8
    996 3.6 F6
    512TR 4.9 F12
  19. The American pushrod V8.

    Think about it before you call me an ass.
  20. That is not "an" engine.
  21. I see your reasoning, but I beg to differ. There were many variations and sizes, made by different companies, but that's one of the reasons it is so great. It's sheer versatility. It's powered everything from the hottest of sports cars to the dowdiest of old-people-mobiles to the meanest of trucks.

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