The Case for Christianity -- Part 1

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    --Truth is not Ice Cream, Faith is not Wishing--

    You should probably download (right-click, save as) the following file right now. Then continue reading.

    This thread is the official kick-off to my "proof threads" that I've been talking about since last fall. The goal of this series is to help communicate the truth of Christianity in a more effective manner. And right about now I'm sure you saying, "Ha! Truth? What truth?!" And to be honest, I can't fault you for that because I feel that I've done a really poor job of adequately expressing the love and truth of Jesus in a way that's understandable. There are a lot of deficiencies in my "style" and I'm sure that's been a barrier for some of you. So what I'd like to do is share a couple of audio clips with you from a guy who spoke at my church last fall.

    His name is Greg Koukl and he's the founder of an orginization called Stand to Reason ( ), which is committed to educating Christians to think more clearly about their faith and to make an even-handed, incisive, yet gracious defense for classical Christian values in the public square. Greg is an incredibly brilliant man and I really enjoyed his presentations because I felt he did a really good job of clearly and effectively communicating his points. In this segment he's going to cover the following material:

    - He'll clarify the differences between subjective and objective truth.
    - He'll discuss the claims and issues of religious pluralism.
    - He'll identify the problem with our modern definition of faith.
    - He'll present a brief explanation of what true biblical belief is.

    Anyway, I strongly encourage you to listen to this clip (in its entirety!) because it's going to lay the groundwork for our later discussions (which I'm sure you'll want to participate in). So if you miss out on this content, you're going to be lagging behind later in the week. And yes, I know it's pretty long, but I really think it's an important piece to the puzzle. And I also think you guys are going to enjoy it because Greg is very honest and direct in his handling of Christianity. Plus, he tells a lot of funny and interesting stories so I doubt you'll be bored.

    There's one final point I'd like to make, and that's regarding the overall direction of this thread. I know some of you are going to want to derail this thread because you don't like Christianity, but I'd really appreciate some maturity and open-mindedness. I've notified some of the mods about this series of threads and they're ready and willing to step in if people are making stupid comments like "ur gay and so was [email protected]" or "STFU bible boy!". And I'd also appreciate it if you could keep things reasonably on-topic. Please don't twist this thread to become a debate about something that's totally unrelated (like creation/evolution, free will, biblical miracles, etc).

    So there you have it. I sincerely hope this will help broaden your understanding of Christianty, and if nothing else, perhaps make you a little more knowledgable about some of the core principles. So I hope you enjoy this presentation, and I apologize for writing so much--this kind of stuff just gets me really excited. Oh yeah, and I recommend you adjust your WMP equalizer settings to "Reggae" because it makes his voice a lot more clear.
  2. "I recommend you adjust your WMP equalizer settings to "Reggae" because it makes his voice a lot more clear."

  3. Haha, you people say christianity is a load of bullshit but when someone actually tries to present you with proof you don't want to read it.
  4. You can't prove that it is or isn't bullshit.

    EDIT: Although the case for it being bullshit is stronger.
  5. Ya, eveyrone knows that. But there's still a lot of evidence to suggest it's not, maybe if you read it it might convince you.
  7. I saw the word "faith" spread so much in Mc777's post that I decided it wouldn't be worth my time.
  8. Well, hopefully Part 2 will help convince you otherwise.
  9. I'm not going to read that either. See my last post.
  10. No, shut up. Noone wants to see part 2.
  11. That's fine. Nobody said you had to read or listen to anything. But if you're not going to actively participate in a constructive manner, you really have no business being in this thread.
  12. This thread is shit.
  13. I have the business of telling you that no one gives a shit and you should shut up already.
  14. You're shit you skank.
  15. Quit ruining this thread, let's keep it open for those who care. That being said, I'm out.
  16. Because, seriously, your last challenge of Christianity ("The Pharisees wouldn't hold court on Passover") was so intelligent. Wait, no, it was retarded, simplistic, and misinformed.
  17. The case against: it's all made-up bullshit.
  18. I've got plenty more.
  19. Hopefully they're not as ignorant as that one.
  20. I've never seen you post something even remotely intelligent. Are you going to start now, or are you just here to be a twat?
  21. What is this guy going to say to convince people Christianity/religion isn't ludicrously absurd that everyone hasn't heard a hundred times before?
  22. STFU Bible Boy

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