The Case for Christianity -- Part 1

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by mclaren777, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. I'm tempted to ask you for supporting evidence, but like I said above, this isn't the thread for that kind of thing. All I'm asking is that you listen to Greg's presentation. It's as simple as that.
  2. I'd say my response to your post about the Pharisees was a hell of a lot more intelligent than your original post. No?
  3. Not really. You provided just as much evidence as I did.
  4. For a bunch of people who 'don't care' you all seem to be posting in this thread alot.
  5. Mars u picku materinu smradu jedan.
  6. I'm actually listening, not promising to listen to the whole thing but it sounds a bit interesting so far.
  7. I may listen to it at home
  8. I don't need supporting evidence. I'm not arguing for anything: i.e. I'm not trying and nobody is trying to PROVE that "God" doesn't exist. We're simply making the observation that all those "arguments" that attempt to show he does are end-to-end retarded.

    I don't need to dis-prove God's existence any more than I need to dis-prove leprechauns not to believe in them.
  9. That's fine, but please don't get all hostile if I chose to provide supporting evidence for Christianity.
  10. And I'm just trying to tell you nobody cares.
  11. I understand that, but this message is far too important for me to not make an effort. It would be downright evil for me to not share this news with you guys, even if you don't want to hear it. So I'm sorry if I'm annoying, but like I said to Big Rob, if you aren't interested, you're free to leave.
  12. But I'm just as free to sit here and spew my opinions about how much I hate your religion and you for worshiping something that retarded.
  13. Yeah, you're free to do whatever you want, but please keep in mind that you're only going to look foolish if all you're doing is making empty claims and childish remarks. So by all means, continue to spew. I really don't care.
  14. The agnostic part of me dies a litle bit everytime Mc777 makes a thread
  15. I was specifically asked to help keep this thread under control, so Im just asking now for you guys to decide whether or not you want to listen to Mac777s vid/posts but please refrain from posting anything stupid/derogatory in this thread. Im just trying to keep it relatively clear of flames/shit at his request. YOu dont have to believe it, just dont post anti-Christian shit to incite Maclaren if thats the case. Mclarens heard it all already and it adds nothing to the discussion at hand.
  16. Sorry man but I'm not listening to that because there is no way anyone can convince me that any religion is usefull for me.
  17. hey luke, any chance you could bullet some of the important points he makes for his case for christianity? i dont have time to listen to this in the near future, and im curious as to what he says.
  18. Like I said in the opening post, this segment isn't so much about evidence as it is about setting the ground rules for these kinds of discussions. During this piece he focuses on the following topics:

    - He clarifies the differences between subjective and objective truth.
    - He discussed the claims and issues of religious pluralism.
    - He identifies the problem with our modern definition of faith.
    - He presents a brief explanation of what true biblical belief is.
  19. could you elaborate a bit on each point since i'm mostly on supercars at work and have no sound, it might be hard for me to listen to it
  20. I appreciate your honesty, but it's not like this is going to kill you. Just let it play in the background as you surf or do whatever it is that you normally do. you may hear something that interests you.
  21. so what is his explanation of "true biblical belief"? and by that, do you mean he explains what it truly means to believe in the bible or what it says?
  22. Well I might do that later yes but it's 11.59 PM over here at the moment and I have to get up early tomorrow to leave on vacation.

    So goodnight all
  23. The differences between subjective and objective truth is connected to our culture's recent trend towards moral relativism. He points out that subjective truths are neither true nor false, and that objective truths are either true or false.

    He then goes on to show how religious pluralism is an inherently weak concept. All religions can't be true for obvious reasons, so either one is correct and the rest are false, or no religions are ever true at all.

    The second half of his presentation focuses on how our culture has lost sight of the biblical definition of faith. He goes on to say that it's not religious wishful thinking or foolish blind faith (as a lot of people claim).

    And he closes with a brief explanation of what true biblical belief is (evidence which produces knowledge in which people can place their trust).
  24. Thanks Mclaren777. A great listen.
  25. Faith has nothing to do with proof.

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