The Case for Christianity -- Part 1

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  1. lame
  2. i know. you entering a decent topic is like a guy with crohns disease working at a toilet paper factory.
  3. Silverado, you are making several crucial mistakes here.
    First, you're putting yourself in a position where you believe that God owes you an explanation and that you have every right to have the knowledge of God. God owes you nothing and you'll never have the knowledge of God. Accept this - you have no choice.
    Secondly, you're putting limitations on what God can do and how He chooses to go about doing it. You are not allowed to do this. Accept this - you have no choice.
    Thirdly, you're making the mistake of trying to separate God's ABSOLUTE knowledge of E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G that exists in all totality of that statement. God knows what you will do and every single consequence it will hold. God also knows every single choice you decided against in favour of your path and every possible combination and consequence that could've happened but didn't due to choosing a different path.
    Fourthly, in your examples you have fully neglected to mention the fact that whilst God knows what we are all going to do, God also knows that we've been instructed (by Himself) what we ought to do. You are making the mistake of saying that all humans are, by default, pre-programmed robots, with ZERO element of choice, education or understanding. This is plainly false.
    Fifthly, you are also mistaken when you talk about punishment. You are in full agreeance that if I murder someone now, I should be sent to jail and pay the price here on earth. However, you say that I should not have to pay the price for my sin by being judged by God after I die. You cannot have your cake and eat it too - either you are fully punished here and after you die, or you are saying that God should basically suffer our consequences here on earth too because, according to your failed logic, God's responsible for all murders, rapes, thefts etc.
    You are, in essence, attempting to absolve yourself of all responsibility for your actions and you truly (and astoundingly) think you've caught God out. The fact that your thinking is so openly flawed (putting restrictions on God and denying basic truths of who and what God is - which you cannot do) and that you've failed to understand how your thinking is flawed - by Christians and non-christians alike, speaks far more of the errors of YOUR thinking, not that of all humans who disagree with you, regardless of wisdom, intellect, belief, understanding, education or backround
    It is YOU who needs to 'see the light' that your thinking is plainly wrong and that you're basically saying "No, God is not allowed to do this because I say he can't."
    Only when you are open to the suggestion that you are in fact wrong, will you be someome worth discoursing on this matter.
  4. There's nothing in this thread to be ignorant of.

    There are no facts with which to base the discussion on, other than those supposed by someone who is, yet again, another person trying to justify their ideas to others.
  5. a) its not his ideas
    b) if you are going to attack him and ridicule him for his beleifs, then why not actually do some research regarding his beleifs?
    c) there are certainly facts within the video. Saying this is further proof that you didnt bother to watch it.
  6. no one is addressing this.
  7. makes he hate most religions even more.
  8. This sums up the presentation more or less.
  9. seriously? damn it. so i shouldnt expect a response to anything i asked.
  10. Well the whole thing is geared towards Christians who already believe, its a lot of preaching to the choir so to speak.

    Pretty much his assertion is that Christianity is the only correct religion, and that the Bible is the truth. It was pretty weak overall, but better than Stats hw.
  11. shit, Catholic apologetics stomp all over this stuff.
  12. did you actually watch the video, or are you going off other people's opinions?

    Because if you really want answers as to what the video is about, it would be MUCH quicker and easier to actually watch the video.
  13. it's actually easier to have someone very eloquently sum them up.
  14. no, seriously, dont be retarded. Watch the video. If you are planning on arguing against it, then the very least you can do is watch it first.
  15. im not even arguing. i just want someone to briefly address them so i know im not wasting my time. i sure as hell wont watch it in the morning if that hasnt happened.
  16. i can tell you right now that the video is good. You want your questions answered? watch the video. It will explain things much better than any of us can. And no, it is not a waste of time.

    Seriously, if you insist on making statements like "shit, Catholic apologetics stomp all over this stuff." then watch the video.
  17. Also the other bit about religious pluralism is summed up in these posts, more or less.

    Quote from Demigod555
    Luke don't bable on (lol) about laws of logic, you don't any smarter for it.

    Nothing you said means that many religions can't lead to god. Sure it would be ironic if christianity and satanism led to god (I know I know, its just a silly example), but you only don't believe in pluralism because you think the Bible is the only truth, just because it says it is.

    Mc777: You're close, but slightly off. I believe the Bible is the only truth because I've seen/heard enough evidence to believe in it's divine authorship. And that's what we'll be covering in Part 2. So just hold tight.
  18. ugh. this is gonna be awful.

    im actually downloading this piece to skim thru it. the hurricane's acomin if it's what i think it is.

    edit- 42 minutes?!#!$%!!!
  19. watch it with an open mind. Dont think its gonna be awful all the way through.

    I could listen to the best sermon ever but if i came with the beleif that it was gonna be horrible then it probably would be horrible.
  20. shut up, objectivity will speak for itself.
  21. lol!!

    all im saying is, dont go through the whole video thinking its gonna be awful. If someone else had posted this video, then you probably would have watched it straight away with an open mind. Because mc777 posted it, you are now watching it and are convinced that it will be awful fanatical fundamentalist drivel.
  22. why do you keep talking about a 'video'?
  23. argh mp3 thing whatever lol! im getting confuzed with another video i watched.
  24. is any of this a case for christianity?

    edit- ok, it isnt. quit playing games, luke.
  25. I already know Chirstianity is a false religion.

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