The Case for Christianity -- Part 1

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  1. it was more humor than a true motion
  2. Sorry for not picking that up <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
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  4. Did you actually listen to the clip?
  5. Did you even listen to this clip?
  6. As I said...I didn't need to.
  7. Yes, thats how I know that is a summary.

    And Luke, it was a pretty bad start, especially it assumes the Bible/christianity is true without any backup, though you've told me thats Pt2
  8. "i dont need to think for myself"
  9. and thats why you're a christian.
  10. I've only been here for a little while and I'm already bored of arguing to mac777 why logic is better than christianity. You guys must be dying.
  11. yeah i quit.
  12. You apparently do because you seem to be fairly lost. Just give it a shot--I promise it won't hurt you. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  13. Why haven't I received a PM from you yet?
  14. Listening to another's postulations is thinking for myself?
  15. I don't see the need in proving or providing proof for one's religion, idea, or belief. If you really feel this urge to prove your own faith, then you might need to start looking inside yourself rather than at everyone else.

    Unless that is, you want to opress the other people with your own beliefs and make them turn onto your side. Which in effect, is completely wrong and hypocritical.

    Everyone needs to choose their own path, whether that path is the wrong way or the right way. And in effect, wrong and right are a matter of opinion, not of fact.

    But it's not useless to listen, but it is useless to believe what everyone says. It becomes too difficult to weed out the hypocrites to the truly sincere.

    Whether it is Christianity, Buddhism, Catholicism, Shinto, Hinduism, Islamic, etc.. it's the idea that counts, not the belief.

    Beliefs lead people to judge, judging leads people towards hate.

    I like ideas a lot more.
  16. Well see...that's just it. I'm not lost. I do not fear what happens to me after I die. I don't need constant reassurance to my place on this earth.

    In short. I don't need it. That's what a majority of you simply do not understand. You seem to be unable to stand on your own two feet.
  17. you'll get it eventually. im giving thought to how i present things to you is all.
  19. that's way too rational for this thread, get out... j/k I agree 100%.
  20. +respect
  21. did you listen to the mp3?

    the issue he is discussing in the mp3 is EXACTLY what you just talked about. Im sure you woulld find it quite interesting.
  22. Wow, you REALLY need to listen to that clip because it perfectly addresses what you're talking about. This isn't about chosing what you like--it's about figuring out what's true. Like Greg points out, religion isn't like ice cream. It's not some feel-good placebo, and it's definitely not a subjective truth. Religions are either right or wrong--there's no other way to put it.
  23. I think you're missing a crucial aspect of this whole concept. This isn't about what you and I think might be true. And it's not about our emotions, our fears, or our confidence. It's about discovering the truth as it pertains to a supernatural force/being/entity.

    Put simply, either God exists or He doesn't exist--one or the other has to be true. They both cannot be true because of the law of non-contradiction, and they both can't be false because of the law of excluded middle. Simple. Either God exists or He doesn't exist.

    Now, maybe I don't know which one is true, but I'll tell you one thing, one of them is, which means there is such a thing, at least to some degree, as absolute religious truth. It is either an absolute that God does not exist, or it is an absolute that He does. One or the other.

    So based on that, it's foolish to just assume that your wishes about His existence are 100% fact. Just because you want something to be so, doesn't mean it actually is. And since the concept of God is such a MASSIVELY important topic, I think you need to be a little more open-minded.
  24. but then you go and take the concept of "God" and create this whole idea of worship and all of this other bullshit, and then relate it to morals and getting to heaven blah blah blah. the chances that there might or might not be a God still play no role in religion as you or i know it. there very well could be a God, but that in no way increases christianity's chances of being valid.
  25. Seriously, I'm shocked that so many people are just spouting their personal theories as if they were fact. I figured more people would have listened to the clip just so they could try to poke holes in Greg's presentation. At least that way we could have had a mature discussion about the nature of truth and faith. I find it mildly disturbing how many people would rather just stay in their little bubble of belief without being challenged to think critically about something else. I guess that's why I made the comment earlier about people being concerned that Christianity might be legit. I'd hazard to guess that most people would rather just hold to what they currently believe, regardless of its merit.

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