The Case for Christianity -- Part 1

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by mclaren777, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. obviously christianity is only one of many religions that beleive in a "God", and any one of them could be true.

    But to say that there being a God does not increase the chances of christianity being true is quite wrong.

    Lets say there are 100 beleif systems that incorporate some form of "God" and 100 that dont.

    so the chance of christianity being right if all are considered equally, is 1/200. Now if there is a God that takes out 100 of them and the chances of christianity being right is 1/100.
  2. Point taken, but that's not really what I was suggesting to BoredUpR32. It's not so much about Christianity being fact--it's about him being honest about what he believes. I just think he needs to not be so closed-minded.
  3. denying religion and its ridiculousness has nothing to do with being close minded and everything to do with too many people being gullible and needing finding a sense of (false) hope/comfort in something because life seems too big/complicated to handle on their own.
  4. yeah but christianity wouldnt be the right one.
  5. It isn't "Truth" that I'm close minded. It is your belief. It is only your belief.

    Fortunately, I am honest in what I know...which is why I don't need the crutch of religion.
  6. One fact here - religion has done more bad than good in this world.
  7. Ooh, this should be good. Can you support that "fact" with any credible evidence?
  8. I'm becoming less and less confident in what you told me earlier about God's responsibility in man's freewill being the primary hurdle to you rethinking your beliefs. You seem to have become thoroughly anti-God.
  9. Can you disprove it?
  10. Of course, but that's not the point. He made the claim, so it's his responsibilty to support it.
  11. Every one of the major religions stresses its love of peace, yet almost every religion has been involved in war. Throughout history religion has appeared to be the cause of savage wars and great cruelty, usually in the name of God.
  12. If it was easily done, you would have done it. I agree with his point.
  13. Wait, that's it? That's all of your evidence? If so, can you at least give me a death count?
  14. Since you agree, can you please provide some credible evidence? And sorry, credible doesn't mean your opinion.
  15. god did it, I dont have to show a death count <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A> just like you cant tell me how god created the universe.

    But I will tell you one thing, REAL people and lots of them have died pointlessly in the name of religion.
  16. This post in itself is circular logic.

    The evidence I have seen says to me a god doesn't exist as you state it. People who do not understand the reasons for something happening call it a god. It has happened throughout ancient and modern history. It will continue to happen.
  17. You're still not getting it. You claim to be a fan of evidence in this post I'm quoting right now, yet you refuse to take an honest look at anything I post. You've said it yourself that your mind is already made up, regardless of what anybody says. And THAT is why I'm annoyed with you. If this was an unimportant issue (like personal preference in videogames) I wouldn't be making such a big deal out of this, but since your eternal destination may depend on it, all I'm asking is for a little bit of flexibility.
  18. Some credible evidence?

    9/11 Outlined vary neatly by the last words spoken on the Flight 93 recorder
    East Timor
    Northern Ireland

    Those are just recent examples (within the last 10 years). All involved killing/attacking another group based almost exclusively on conflicting religions. I could pull up the old school Holy Wars if you like- Crusades, the British spats with the Pope etc. Or how about Christianity's nasty little follower the smallpox? Or the wiping out of the American Indians...
  19. You're quote your post-

    "your mind is already made up, regardless of what anybody says"

    Regardless of what anybody says.....It is called gathering known to be TRUTHs (not what people SAY may be true) as they exist and making a decision.

    Post your truths so we can get right to it.

    By the way...I don't plan on having any eternal destination.

  20. See, that's much better (Orange F1LM could learn a lesson from you). I'll address this when I get home from work.
  21. you asked for a death toll number, I knew you were just being super picky, so instead of typing out all religious related wars for you, I just said that people died and we all know they did.

    So, it seems you are satisfied with the evidence now, so whats the response?
  22. Maybe you'll learn it too.
  23. your problem is that you come in here like christianity and religion is just as credible as fact because we cant DISPROVE christianity to you. do you realize how brainwashed that is?

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