The Cayman is a girls car?

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by AstonDB7, Aug 31, 2007.

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  2. Only girl's car in Porsche's line-up is the Gayenne.
  3. LOL, his face.
  4. Wtf was that guy haha.
  5. His face was soooo priceless. I'm sure he knows better than to think the Cayman is a girls car though and regained composure later.
  6. I'd say the Boxter is a girls car. BUT, what really is the Cayman than a coupe Boxter?
  7. He should of surprise sex them.
  8. The Audi TT is a girls car.
  9. Doesn't matter what you say, because you're a dumbass eurotrash piece of shit.
  10. he makes the car a girls car.
  11. It's spelled Boxster you dumbass eurotrash piece of shit.
  12. Well said.
  13. pwned
  15. Go suck your dad's dick again. I know your mom said the fluid would make you smarter, which obviously, you're smarter than all of us. Don't you have some sister you need to go take care of? She is the mother of your children you know.
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  17. Be patient and let the commercial play..
  18. Wouldnt have happened if he had that white Range rover sport over at the back.

    What was her problem though?
  19. Chicks are such idiots when it comes to cars. Makes me want to hit them sometimes. Especially that one in the video. Ignorant hoebag.
  20. exactly.
  21. Correct, showed a girl a DB4 GT Zagato once, she didn't like the COLOR.
  22. Should have drifted on her face for 15 minutes!
  24. haha yeah. some girl at my school picked out her first car on colour. she said it was between a VW polo and a Fiat Punto... she had the fiat becuse it was baby blue haha
  25. HAHAHA!!!!

    +1 pakistani

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