The Cayman is a girls car?

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by AstonDB7, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. I'm afraid the credit goes to Gemballa, his lines...
  2. i saw the cayman , but what is it ?? Just someone filming aclubs parking lot ??
  3. it's some stupid website dedicated to dumbass people in's one of those gossip sites that covers every A list or D list celeb.. I have no freaking clue who he is or who the skanks are..
  4. cayman is very good caaarr
  5. The color scheme is girlie, for sure.
    Not the Cayman.
  6. If she based it's choice on beauty instead of color she would still be buying the Punto.
  7. Wait, why did I watch that video?
  8. Gayenne hahaha
  9. Welcome to 2002
  10. There's also the Porsche Gay Man.
  11. If it is driven like a girl, then yes it is girly. Its not a car "to be seen" in.

    If you want a good daily driver that can also be tossed around, its good
  12. awesome song playing in the background
  13. wtf, I saw no cayman...
  14. Its no girls car, but the only Porsche I'd ever buy is a 911.
  15. Ridiculous isnt it? All these dumb motherfawkers getting cars from mommy or daddy.
  16. lmfao he looks like an 8 year old after someone just drop kicked his puppy
  17. Caymans are awesome.

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