The Cerbera Speed 12 and TVR

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  1. Looking back, and considering that TVR was still relatively well off, thanks to the success of the Griffith and Tamora, should TVR have produced the Speed 12, and would they have been as financially fvcked as they are today if they had?

    Also, please post how you would've had your Cerbera Speed 12 equipped, had you the money and had it been a series production car.

    My Cerbera Speed 12

    Flip Green Paint
    Full rollcage
    Stripped interior
    Racing Cams
    Racing exhaust
    Unrestricted ECU
    Racing Bodywork
    Racing Undertray
    Racing Wing
    Black Powder coated 15 spoke rims
  2. IMO, The Speed 12 wouldn't have made much of a profit if any, because it would have been such a niche car with few sales, and the engine took a ton money to make. But I think they should have made it anyway, as long as they got rid of that hideous rear bumper. Yeah, I know it is functional and creates downforce. So is a giant wing, which looks a heck of a lot better than a pointy bumper sticking out half a foot from the back of the car.

    Edit: And I'll take mine black with black rims
  3. It wouldn't have made any difference to the company, because the market just wasn't there.

    I don't want a TVR Cerbera Speed 12.
  4. Wheeler was right
  5. of course you dont. you dont even like manual transmissions.
  6. They should've built it, just for the sheer laugh. And yes, they'd still be financially #$%#ed.
  7. TVR is still too niche..they have to promote their vehicles more
  8. no, even if they produced the speed 1 they would still be #$%#ed. the market just isnt there for the car. the speed 12 would not of saved tvr and there are many reasons why the company went under.

    btw the speed 12 is one of my favorite cars and nothing comes close to touching it imo.
  9. Wheeler was right. And it definitely wouldn't save TVR.
  10. I love the pictures of the Cerbera Racer. I still cant belive the displacement on that thing wonder what the gas milige would have been on it. any one have any sightings on it love to see pics of it on the road
  12. I think it would have been nice to shift a few more, but it wouldn't have saved them by any means. Actually, I think it would have made them sink quicker after most of the owners sue on the grounds that they are dead.
  13. Building it would not change anything...
  14. Wheeler was right.

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