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  1. have you heard? its kind of funny. there's a sticker on its cloth rain top that says that it's intended for only short term use. (do not use at speeds in excess of: 70 mph.) i thought that was very amusing.
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    Don't all removable tops say that? I've never owned a convertible, so I don't know.<!-- Signature -->
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    yeah, the soft top is "for emergency/temporary use only"
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    Emergency? Like rain? First of all, if I had one of these, and there was the slightest chance of rain in the next 5 days, it wouldn't leave the garage. Who cares if the top is weak? No one buys Ferrari's based on the performance of the top.
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    Thats an interesting idea. Kinda weird, but very cool when you think about it.
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    This car isn't convertible. It doesn't have a roof at all. Its a Barchetta (which means Little Boat. . . . which is strange). Ferrari thought that puttin a roof on would add wieght (which it would) so they didn't bother. So i'm told anyway
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    You only take out a convertable when the weather is nice (if you can buy this car you'll have anothter dozen for the rain). And when the weather is nice in a convertable you have the top down, so why even have the top at all?
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    Actually thats not true. Its been a while since I've been to this thread so I didnt know this back then, but it has a removable hard top that has to be manually put on. I dont think any of them have cloth tops. It looks awful with the top on.
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    Actually, this car does have a top; I just saw it this weekend at Agar. Agar is a Ferrari/Alfa Romeo/Masarati dealer in the Philly area, and my dad knows the owner, Peter Magio. I gotta see and sit in the Barchetta, and Pete showed me the top. It can be stowed in the bonet under the hood (rear-engine) and it can also be removed completely.
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    rear-engine??? the 550 is front engined
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    He got you there Koenig.
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    There is no hard top... I have this car and it has a very small soft top that takes two people to put on properly and in many instances i9s adviced to jsut throw it away once bought.... Ferrari was looking to recreate the past with this car, the older cars never had soft tops they were convertibles with no tops whatsoever so ferrari intentionally took no major effort into making the top fit into the car.
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    They should have made this a convertable hardtop, like the Lexus SC430 and Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet, where the hardtop comes out of the trunk when you push a button.
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    Wait... than that f*cking engine has gotta be small, cuz if it's front engined, that the top fit perfectly in the engine bay...
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    The porsche 911 Carrera doens't have a hardtop convertible, you can get an optional hardtop, but not as a convertible it is used a la last generation Mercedes SL.
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    Marenallo is better than Barchetta!

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