The Cobra vs Lancer EVO VIII

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    Look into the STi, performance is pretty much the same (with the STi having the advantage in acceleration, and in slipperier conditions, while the EVO has the advantage on the pavement, and with turn-in).

    And the STi is much more comfortable, and more reliable.
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    I bought the Cobra instead. The STi has great spec's and potential but it's just too damn ugly for me, personal taste I guess. Besides, the '03 cobra should have some collectability in later years that I doubt the STi will have. Could be wrong but I doubt it. I mean, just look at the price for a GT-350 or KR-500 these days.
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    Why you guys got to dig up old threads. The mustang is better. That guy posted that the mustang is supercharged at 8.0 psi and the evo is 14.5, at 5 hp for ever psi sucks to be the evo. It has to boost way high to come close to the mustang.even the psi out and th evo would lose 30 hp. Stop renting 2fast2furious. the motor trend u evos like so much called the evo a box for kids or somethinglike that. Last all wheel drive isnt that much better cornering. All wheel steering is were its at.
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    AWS is bunk, Honda pioneered it, and realized it was useless (particularly for performance driving) almost 20 years ago.

    AWD may not be much of an advantage for handling with traction using advanced driving techniques, however it is much more controllable, and does allow for much higher cornering speeds.

    The EVO is also capable of handling much higher boost pressures than the Mustang, also, considering the Mustang has 3.4litres displacement on the EVO, it's pretty sad that it's not any faster with forced induction. uphyuck, with only 70bhp per litre (with supercharger) it sucks to be the Stang. Dude, don't be an idiot, even bhp per litre is more important than bhp per psi. Even out the boost pressure to that of the EVO, and the Mustangs engine would fall apart without modifications.
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    I love aws and no i dont drive a honda. a mustnag could handle that psi. Its not mouch more. For intence look at my name. The probes psi is 7.3 but can be upped to 17 with no inturnal upgrade. a difference of 10 psi. Its a ford and yes sit was designed by mazda. a mustnags v8 would be way stronger. Think before u speek.
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    Cylinders are too large, they can't handle as high of a boost pressure without blowing seals, or worse, the engine block or piston and rings.

    I did think, perhaps YOU need to.

    And even with a Twin turbo the Probe GT is slower than my 1990 (stock) Civic Si, W-E-A-K.
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    Honda s200 is the fastest honda ever made and its 220 hp or around there. My 89 gt will have 250hp when im done. There are 300 hp probes out ther,.and one 400hp probe. and the sec gengt with the twin turbos would be like 300hp or more. No honda is even close to that. Bigger cylenders means more air fits in them so the pressure in the cylenders would be greater in the evo than the mustang. i cant see your honda run anythin faster than an 18. sec quarter mile.
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    16.7 actually (that's what the specs for the 1990 EF Civic Si say)

    My Sister-in-Law's Twin Turbo Probe GT ran 175 hp, and it was slow as hell, the engine also blew.

    No Honda needs to be close to that to be faster (I sincerely doubt there's a Probe GT out there that runs faster than 12.8 stock). Although there is one production Honda that runs over 275 hp.

    Bigger cylinders means there can be less pressure in the cylinders due to the size, and they cannot move as fast.

    The Honda S2000 is NOT the fastest Honda, the NSX-R is (it's faster than the Mustang Cobra-R, and the Firebird, even though it's not designed for straight-line acceleration). And the S2000 has 250hp.
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    My stock probe runs a 15.8. If you sister in law has a twin turbo Probe i want to buy it. The are like 3 out there and ones a twin turbo Ford turaus SHO engine. Stock Ford gts that could handale a twin turbo are 165 hp sec gen. so if a twin turbo adds 10hp maybe i dont want it. Bu thtey would add way more than 10hp. Stock mx-6s almost same as probe have been know to run 14.9s stock. There are no probes that run a 12.8 because they dont make them anymore. I saw a probe run a 11.8 something but it was not stock. Ford also happened to bone the probes which were designed to replace the mustang.

    Straight from autobytel "s200 2004 240hp at 7800rpm and only 161 tourqe @6500 the probe has 145hp and 190 torque. Thats first gen the faster ones and the one i have.
    You are not in america are you.

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    I think perhaps you don't know what you're talking about, as hers said twin turbo on the side, it had two turbochargers under the hood, and she got it for $2,500 in Canada. Anyway, since the engine is FU-Qued, why the hell would you want to buy it?

    BTW - that's the 2.2 litre S2000, the 2.0 litre S2000 (which is the only S2000 up until the end of last year) produced 240hp at 6800rpm, and 250hp at 8000rpm. And had 151 lbft at 6000rpm.

    I never use Autobytel's figures.

    Oh, and her Probe took over 8 seconds to reach 100km/h, dunno for 1/4, but we do know that my Civic is faster in acceleration, so I think either your figures are off, or hers was different because it was a Canadian model. Either way, she said it was the worst car she ever owned.
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    There is no suck thing as a stock twin turbo probe. Go to which is a fourm or whick is full of information. The sec gen v6 probe gts have the KL03 engine in them, they would be the only ones to be twin turboed but they have no turbo. You can put the european and jap Klze engines in them. They have 200 hp stock.My zero to 60 time is 7.8,way faster than your honda. Canadian models are the same. I dont think you were in a Probe go to those sites pref the second one. iwan tto see a pic of her car.
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    If she still has the car, sure, but as I already said, the engine blew, so she very well could not have it anymore, but if she still does, I'll take pics when I go home next.

    I don't care what anybody says on any website, I'm going to believe what the side of the car says, what's under the hood, and what her owner's manual said, LONG before I'll believe you. I remember that I was quite excited when I found out it was a twin Turbo, after having a look in the owner's manual though, I was quite unimpressed with the hp rating for her model (175hp), and I was further unimpressed when I outran her repeatedly in my Civic Si (which isn't exactly fast, just pretty damn quick for a 1.6 I4 passenger car)

    Hers was a 1989, dunno which gen that is. and it was a Probe GT.

    With regards to your 0-60 time, yes, we all know how much faster 3 entire 10ths of a second is from 7.8-8.2 (add one tenth of a second in switching from 60mph to 100km/h, as 60mph is actually 96km/h). Oh, and that 8.2 seconds is the most common rated time on the internet for the EF chassis Si, some sites claim 7.9, but the most consistent is 8.2 (that's still 0-100). I've never timed myself, but I'm quite confident I've achieved that if not faster (yes, I do redline it regularly).

    Anyway, even for an NA 2.3 litre 7.8 is rather unimpressive for performance models, but yours isn't just an NA 2.3 litre now is it.

    I'm sorry, but the Probe (GT or otherwise) is a sorry excuse for a performance car, particularly when the sport model of an economy car is faster than it.

    BTW - The few times me and her "mock" raced, she pulled on me for the first several meters until I hit second gear, then I just pulled on her, and continued to pull on her more strongly until around 140, beyond that I was still pulling, but not by much, She was about 50 - 100 meters back by the time I hit 190, and began to slow down. so I can see how it MIGHT possibly be faster to 100km/h, but beyond that, I'm afraid even the GT doesn't hold a candle to a car that's not even all that fast.
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    Wow you made it clear. I have the exact same car. The 89 probe is the only one that says turbo on the side of all the other probes, and happens to be first gen. You cant read. Not twin turbo but just turbo is what it says on side, and its 2.2L and turbo not NA. Inline 4s would be hard to twin turbo. Dont make my take a pic of my car. Come race my car, i would beat you by a coulple of car lengths. What are you talking about you being faster you said it had a blown motor. Go to those sites and see peoples cars. They would all eat your honda for breakfast.

    Sorry for being in the us and using miles. I just like the US since its the best country and all.
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    Um, yes, I can read, and much better than you in fact, and it says "Twin-turbo". I think you're now just trying to make up stories to make yourself know what you're talking about. Please, do take a pic of your car.

    How about you come here, Central portion of south British Columbia, if you're serious I'll give you more specific directions.

    Just because a motor has Forced induction, doesn't mean it's faster than an NA car. Weight, drivetrain, powerband, gearing, all play a factor. Hell, the Mazda 323 AWD Turbo made in 1989 was turbocharged, and it was slower than many NA cars. If their cars are stock, and are like my Sister-in-law's Probe, then they likely wouldn't be able to beat me, and wouldn't be able to come close on a twisty road (although that would be me, not the car)

    Congratulations, you just declared yourself "ass of the year", you're an idiot.
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    Only turbo. Must suck to not know what a car is.
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    another one
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    Great, now what's your point?

    That's not a picture of my friends car, so this post is absolutely meaningless.
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    Well than your retarded lik ei thought you were and he doesnt have a probe.
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    I WAS right. you are no more than 12 years old. "ass od the year" does not make me stupid. Ass and stupid are way different. Calling someone an ass makes you look gay or look like a girl.Oh and mazda 323 have smaller turbos than my probe does and my probes turbo is to small for the engine.
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    And you're speculating whether I can't read?

    You idiot, how many times did I say that it was my SISTER in law, that would be a FEMALE NOT a MALE.

    And yes, she DOES have a Probe, and it's a GT TWIN-TURBO, and it's slow as hell, and the engine doesn't even run anymore.
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    I didn't say you're stupid, I said you just declared yourself "ass of the year" AND you're an idiot. And the term 'ass' refers to a 'jackass', not someones anatomical part.

    WTF does the Mazda 323 have to do with this? the Turbocharged version has a grand total of 93 hp.

    Oh, multiply that age by 2 and you'll have a figure that's much closer to my actual age, passing me off as immature because I know more about the Canadian version of your favourite car than you, will not get you anywhere.

    BTW - you do know that we get versions of cars here in Canada that are EXCLUSIVE to Canada, right? if not, then don't even talk to me.
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    this thread is going to be swamped with people who all know there is no twin turbo probe.Here is a pick of my repair manual. Notice it says all us and canadian models. No twin turbo in it.
    Say jackass of the year than. ass and jackass are way different.
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    'ass' can refer to jackass, dumbass, etc. basically you just declared yourself a stubborn fool.

    I don't care what a pic of your repair manual says, what I do care about is that her Probe was a twin-turbo GT, had 175 hp, and was slow as hell.
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    Your an ass. That means differnt than your a jackass. An ass is a person you i sbeing mean to you or you could say a person is a dick or an ass. Jackass is stupid. Im thinking you speak french as your first language. Tu n'a intelkgent pas.

    I proved you wrong and you still say your right. has many people from canada on it. not on has a stock gt with a twi n turbo. 175 would rape any honda. Admit your wrong. I proved with the pictures its only has one turbo. I dont see how people put a twin turbo on a four banger. One exhaust manifold one turbo.
    Je suis malade of you. The fourm I posted on performance probe anbout a stock probe with a twin was full of replies calling you an idiot. Go to my link , since you didnt last time.

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