The Cobra vs Lancer EVO VIII

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    There is no such thing as a "TWIN TURBO" 1st gen PGT...never has been and never will be. You obviously know nothing about forced induction, and furthermore..perpetuating the notion that your sister-in-law "HAS ONE" proves that you are an all out LIAR
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    1) you obviously need to refresh up on your english, it's common knowledge that "ass" is short for jackass. BTW - it's Tu ne pas intelegent.

    2) when did you ever prove anything, did you look at my sister in-law's car? Did you take a pic of it and post it? You're just like Americanhp, wanting to believe you're right, having a limited media source to prove yourself, but dead wrong nevertheless.

    btw - it's "je suis malade de tu"

    one last note: tu a le tete du merdre.

    I looked at that site, and it looked about as thorough and legit as Torintino's "official Nurburgring site" i.e. completely lacking in any reliability as an information source, being a fan site created with Microsoft FrontPage.

    Once again, she has a 1989 Ford Probe GT Twin Turbo, it has 175 hp, and it's slow as hell (well, it is now since it doesn't have a working engine, but before that it wasn't very fast, why do you think it was canned?).
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    Good try FordProbeGt, but you're not fooling anyone.

    BTW - I suppose then that the label on her car that says "Ford Probe GT Twin Turbo" is fake, and that she had the body of her Escort changed to that of a Ford Probe, added the engine from the Ford Probe, two turbochargers, and obtained an interior and owner's manual (with a full Ford Probe owner's maintenance history with matching VIN numbers) from a Ford Probe then? Sounds like a pretty weak concept for rycing out one's car to me.
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    you're an idiot, there is no such thing as a twin turbo first gen PGT. They ALL came with a 2.2-4 cyl with an IHI RHB5/VJ11 single front mounted turbo. Stock with 145hp and 196 ftp. Shit, a $5.00 boost controller puts you over 170 hp...and you claim that hers is "twin turboed" and outs down 170 hp're a fool
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    there are two sides to a turbocharger, an inducer/compressor side and an exducer/exhaust side. You probably have it confused by looking at it and THINKING that it is a twin turbo. I don't even know why I am writing isnt twin turbo...bottom're an idiot
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    "2) when did you ever prove anything, did you look at my sister in-law's car? Did you take a pic of it and post it? You're just like Americanhp, wanting to believe you're right, having a limited media source to prove yourself, but dead wrong nevertheless."

    Password_Please, this sounds more like yourself. You've yet to release any evidence to support your case that your sister-in-law has an " '89 twin-turbo Probe GT"... Yet you're attacking everyone else who is showing supportive evidence. You're a piece of shit, simply put. Until you give ANY supportive evidence, which is not possible because there is no stock first-gen Probe GT twin-turbo, let alone modified first-gen Probe GT twin turbo, then I'm going to have to call bullshit on your play-pretty sentence fragments you call evidence.

    I've said it once and I will say it again.. I find hilarity in the fact that you have over 3,000 posts on an automotive forum, yet you seem to know nothing about cars or the way they work.

    As well, just because there is more than one person backing a claim, it does not mean they are all "the same person". It IS possible for more than one person to think you're an unintelligent twit.. I'm sure we could scan the globe, but that would take too much time, we might as well just count the people who DON'T think you're a dumbass, it would be alot quicker.

    Oh, preytell your webdesigning skills are not any better than a geocities drag-and-drop setup, because utilizes many php features that I'm sure you've yet to know existed.. let alone can edit. Drop the holier-than-thou bullshit and get your ass back to high school, where it needs to be.

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    Just had to put in my two cents. First off sokorul, nice to see you stand up for the Probes, but choose your battles. It's apparent that this guy doesn't know probes, nor will he ever. If he truly believes that there is a twin-turbo probe then let him prove it. There are many ways to do this. One is very simple... take a picture of it! Nobody in Canada has a digitial camera? Second, say where the car is. What town is it in? We have members all over Canada. It could be in one of our members back yards. Third get somebody else to verify that they have seen it. I'm sure somebody else has seen it. If it's for sale, where is it posted? Has it ever been listed online or a newspaper that we can look at the ad achives. If it is truly a twin-turbo, I'm sure there would be a line of people we know that would love to buy it. Hell, call your sister-in-law and get the VIN # off of it. We can look it up an tell you every option that was original on the car. But, she of course she won't the VIN anymore either, no records of sale, no repair receipt, not anything. I bet she doesn't even have a phone.

    We will never get any further in resolving this issue because the idoit can't prove anything except proving that he is wrong.

    Hell, tell your sister-in-law to post it for sale on Performance Probe if it's such a piece of shit with a blown motor I'm sure she doesn't want it anymore. Even if it's only a parts car, those '89 pgt's are hard to come by. I call dibs on the taillights!
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    Sorry i took french 3 years ago for three years. Non of them were me. Im guess your mom put on perental controls and you cant go to that site. It has so much information on it.

    "tu a le tete du merdre" lets see you something the something of something? is that what that is?
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    "tu a le tete du merdre" - You have a head of shit, in other words; "you're a shithead". Christ, I quit French in grade 10 (8 years ago), and I still know that.

    I think you need to work on your English first before you start trying to speak french.

    BTW - I went to that site, and it's like I said, it's a simple fansite that has no useful information whatsoever.
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    bottom line, you're an idiot.

    You don't seem to realize that a turbocharger is a distinguishable individual unit, "twinturbo" often denotes that a car has TWO turbochargers, and that a description of the engine including "twin turbocharged" means that there's a 99.99% likelihood that it has two turbochargers.
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    I haven't attacked anyone, FordProbeGT attacked me, I retaliated, it's retarded bullshite.

    So, do you expect me to take 3 hours out of my day to travel back home, just so I can get a picture of her car?

    I dunno about you, but I'm pretty tied up between College and work, if I get a chance between the end of the semester and when I start my summer job (federal job, I may be called back early, so I may not have any time), I'll be going back home, I'll be sure to get a pic for you, if the car is still sitting in her driveway, she MAY have gotten rid of it since the engine died, I don't know.

    I never said I'm a website designer, all I said is that the site is very similar to one fansite for the Nurburgring (one which someone else claimed as the official Nurburgring website), one who posted a lap time I simply e-mailed them about, I could have been completely full of shit and they would have posted it. The same goes for this site.

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    I'm glad to see ignorance is alive and well in these forums.
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    You're right, I don't know Probes, nor will I ever, nor do I care. But you obviously don't know them as well as you think you do, otherwise, you'd know that there was a Twin Turbo version, sold, at the very least, here in Canada.

    I don't know if she even has it anymore, as I've said NUMEROUS times, but if she does, I'll be sure to post pics of it.
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    There was NEVER a twin turbo Probe or MX6 EVER manufactured ANYWHERE.....get it through your head jackass.
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    nope, not FordProbeGt..just an owner of an 2.2 SOHC RHb5/VJ11 Single front mount Mazda MX6 Turbo (identicle engine and turbo to the 1st gen Probe) here to prove you wrong. Your sister in-law DOES NOT, I repeat DOES NOT have a "TWIN TURBO" Probe, they don't exist
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    Acully i thought merdre was shit but they dont teach cus words in school. and i relzied tete was head when i was laying in bed. I got c's in french. Six is right, there are no twin turbo probes. Why do you bash a site that has more information than you brain ever will. The site talks about the designers of the probe, it has all the specifications. It has comparison times. I showed you up in my pictures. All U.S. and canadian models cover your country. The energizer bunny is no more, so stop going and going. You are wrong. End of story. We dont kneed you to drive anywere because us people that live in the real world know there is no twin turbo 89 Probe. I dont see how you got into college. Seeing how your 24 makes sence to be on the 5-6 year program.

    BTW that site has many of members in Canada and not of of them have a twin turbo gt.
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    Right, then I guess the car was non-existent, and she was just driving around in a plastic pedal car, damn she must have powerful legs.

    WTF - who said anything about the MX6?
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    I'm sorry, but hers DOES NOT have the identical engine, and hers DOES, I repeat DOES have a twin turbocharged engine. I'm afraid you're wrong, as it does exist. aww, are you going to start getting cranky because you're little world is crashing down around you since you don't know as much as you thought about the complete model line of Probes?
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    I don't trust fansites, I'm not bashing it asshole.

    I think you actually didn't have the slightest idea what I'd said, stop trying to save face, you're an idiot, a jackass, and don't know as much about what you're talking about as you'd like to think.

    How did you show me up in your pictures? Please explain, all those pics did was show that A Ford Probe GT came with only one turbo, how the hell did that prove anything? we all know that there are GT's out there with only one Turbo.

    Actually, for the entrance exam for my college I got one of the highest scores ever achieved in the last ten years (the online CPT assessment test was created ten years ago, and has only been updated since, before that they had a written exam).

    Great, I guess those members in Canada missed out then, anyway, I said that MAY be the reason, I don't know why we have Twin Turbo GT's here while you don't there, it's pretty much up for speculation.
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    I'm not saying there was (or wasn't) a Probe GT twin turbo, but if the motor blew, there could have been something really wrong with it when you raced. Especially @ 175hp... Mine has 145 and it beat a 3000GT.

    I'm not trying to add fuel to the fire, I just thought maybe this would clear some things up a little and lower the hostility
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    the 1st gen MX6 GT and Probe GT share the same 2.2 F2T motor, they also share the same IHI RHB5/VJ11 single turbocharger. Hey idiot, the 1st gen Probes and MX6's a 4 cylinder with exhaust front exhaust ports, besides the fact that it is physically impossible for the small 2.2 motor to handle "twin turbo's" there is barely enough room for the small IHI that it comes with. You don't have to take any pictures, there arent any to take. There has never been a "Twin Turbo" MX6 or Probe, manufactured....anywhere. Just admit that you are wrong
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    Im glad i dont live in canada. The pitures proved you wrong. "Covers all U.S. and Canadian models of Ford Probe" Now im no rocket scientist like you but that would cover your sister-in-laws car. IT would cover all canadian cars. There is no Chilton's for a twin turbo Probe. Search the internet. i cant find one fan site for a twin turbo car. Your sister in law must have the only twin turbo Probe out there. NOT. I see you got 3,000 posts becuse you have to arguee to make yourself not look stupid, but your not going to win this argument. Bring on the prof.
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    im amazed hes still argueing over this, he has posted absolutly no proof to back up his claim, yet still argues that hes right. HONDA OWNERS LIKE HIM MAKE ALL OTHERS LOOK SO F*CKING STUPID. well more so then they allready do thinking there civics are faster then anything cept maybe a geo or festiva, wait, thats a low blow to a festiva, maybe he could take the geo in his civic..........
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    Geo's and Festivas can both be made a hell of alot faster than an MX6 or Probe OR Civic using an Isuzu Impulse setup. I'm suprised that some of you are still posting things like "he hasnt shown us proof" or "show us proof" I'm talking about the Probe and MX6 owners, it's like you are doubting yourself..or scratching your head wondering..."is he right?" when the clear answer is NO, you don't even have to think about's a no brainer, there NEVER was a twin turbo Probe or MX6, not in factory form.
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    actually the impulse engine only works in the geo, the festiva uses the bpT swap, neneer, im smarter then u <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

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