The creaky coalition in Iraq

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  1. The creaky coalition

    The Get-Out Mission has started in Iraq...

    New Zealand: 60 troops returned home Sept. 15.
    Cited reason: conclusion of deployment.

    Thailand: 423 troops returned home as of Sept. 9.
    Cited reason: one-year humanitarian mission ended.

    Philippines: 51 withdrawn on July 19.
    Cited reason: to save lives of hostages

    Norway: 150 currently in Iraq; 140 withdrawn on June 30.
    Cited reason: growing domestic opposition and peacekeepers needed elsewhere, such as Afghanistan (news - web sites).

    Honduras: 370 withdrawn on May 12.
    Cited reason: Troops were sent for reconstruction, not combat.

    Dominican Republic: 302 withdrawn on May 4.
    Cited reason: growing domestic opposition.

    Spain: 1,300 withdrawn on May 4.
    Cited reason: new government fulfilled campaign pledge.

    Singapore: 160 withdrawn on April 4.
    Cited reason: completed humanitarian mission.

    Nicaragua: 115 withdrawn on Feb. 4.
    Cited reason: lack of funds.

  2. The creaky coalition


    Italy: 3,000 from January
    Poland: 2,400 from January
    Ukraine: 1,700 from January
    Dominican Republic: 300 from January
    Slovakia: 105 from January
    Czech Republic: 92 from January.
  3. The creaky coalition

    United States: 135,000
    United Kingdom: 8,500
    Italy: 3,000
    South Korea: 2,800
    Poland: 2,400
    Ukraine: 1,700
    Netherlands: 1,345
    Romania: 700
    Japan: 550
    Denmark: 500
    Bulgaria: 480
    El Salvador: 380
    Australia: 300
    Hungary: 300
    Mongolia: 173
    Azerbaijan: 151
    Georgia: 150
    Latvia: 133
    Portugal: 120
    Slovakia: 105
    Czech Republic: 92
    Lithuania: 90
    Albania: 71
    Estonia: 45
    Kingdom of Tonga: 44
    Macedonia: 32
    Kazakhstan: 27
    Moldova: 12
  4. The creaky coalition

    Will have it increase troops.
    australia will have to boost troop numbers.
  5. The creaky coalition

    Poland's Prime Minister Marek Belka confirmed that the 2,500 Polish soldiers in Iraq would be progressively withdrawn starting from January next year and would not stay "an hour longer than needed."
  6. All of them reasons are valid.

    The "creaky coalition" is leaving, because for the most part their respective jobs have been completed.
  7. Lets hope that my government falls so we can get the stupid 120 soldiers from there
  8. Why would anybody want troops there longer than needed? The US will not have troops there longer than needed. What the hell is your point?
  9. He's point is that the occupying forces are progressivly becoming all-american/British
  10. So the fact that america doesn't want it's troops there any longer than needed means we are anti-american?
  11. I'm sorry English is not my native language, do you care to explain your post please?
  12. I just don't see the relevance in him posting the quote that polish troops won't be there any longer than needed. I figured that was logic, not because they are anti-american.

    *EDIT* spelling
  13. Oh, ok now i get it but if you see missions like Kfor and Untaet - well its differen because they are UN based operations - but these missons have been extended almost every year.
  14. I think the Coalition will be in good shape until the Kingdom of Tonga pulls out. Then all hell will break loose.

    Honestly though, Homero, you know as well as I do that the Coalition is the US and a few other members, and all these other nations, while appreciated, are not critical to the success of the occupation. I really hope the whole debacle is over soon, too many people are dying on both sides.
  15. The word "Coalition" is just a joke when it comes to Iraq, Bush and the rest of the right always try to make it sound like they have allies, all you actually have to do is look at the numbers, its nothing more than one big joke. You got some nations that can't even give 100 troops!

    I would actually like to see how many of these nations had their peoples support for aiding the USA, I know being in England not too many are big about being considered the USA's friend, and even less have even a bit of respect for Mr. Bush.

    The USA right now is like that bully of the school who can't get along with kids his own age, so he starts hanging out with the little kids bribing them and trying to convince himself that he has friends.
  16. I really enjoy watching the runaway chickens. They would think better the next time they decide to support an US adventure.
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