The daddies of rally!

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  1. Grp b will probably agree with me these are the kings of rally in my opinion, the audi S1 and the lancia 037.<!-- Signature -->
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    Yep. <IMG SRC="">

    The S1 was an awesome car, pity it never really had a chance to achieve much (Audi withdrew from the rest of the 1986 season after Toivonen and Cresta's deaths).

    The 037 was a pretty reliable car, and the first of the Group B cars, but I'm not terribly found of it's looks. But like I say, who the hell cares what it looks like as long as it delivers the goods! <IMG SRC="">
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    205 T16 for me.

    And after the banning of B-Group , the Delta Integrale.
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    to other great cars but not as beastly as either of the above, the car that started it all and the one that did it bst.<!-- Signature -->
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    my fave's gotta b the audi, with all it extra wings on, and spoilers and stuff, it just looks the ultimate rally car. yeah shame it didnt have much of a chance to prove itself.
    next would be the last of the pug 205's cos they were just amazing.

    but modern times bring modern cars - pug 206 is god at the moment!!<!-- Signature -->

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