The definitive P1 test

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  2. ya just watched that.

    crazy car
  3. I love this car so much. Seems like they followed a lot of Gordon Murray's philosophies.
  4. I still think the Porsche will be faster
  5. it's been a long time since i've been this excited/interested about a car
  6. I think the inception of 'DRS' could definitely be credited to Murray considering the F1 had a movable rear wing, and the SLR did after too. This will not be slower than the Porsche. The huge level of downforce, power and the weight difference...If you can't even see the differences on paper, welp.
  7. nope
  8. Awesome car. Only supercar worth having right now. The turbo valve sound is lame though
  9. Well that's kinda subjective because I love it. Either way, it needs to have some big blowoffs if it's running 2.4bar/34psi of boost.
  10. I love it
  12. The 918, P1 and the Ferrari are pretty much what the 959, F40 and F1 were in the late 80's/early 90's. Nice to have that kind of game changers around again.

    Clarkson can't make videos about 80's supercars being faster than modern ones anymore.
  13. Still rather have an F40.
  14. well I guess thats more positive news for Mclaren since you are generally wrong about everything.
  15. Who cares quit being a child
  16. i understand. but it sounds like a fast and furious car that way.
  17. This is one of those cars that actually makes me want to find out as much as possible about it. Read every article, watch every road test, like I used to when I was into cars as a teenager. It really is a whole new level of complexity and it all works. I've a big fan of the 918 too, it's really a shame the Jaguar CX-75 was stillborn.
  18. am i the only one that doesn't like all the fake racing livery offered on the 918? it's a road car, not a race car, and i want to see it in some solid colors (besides silver)
  19. I'm going to bet most folk will buy it without the livery.
  20. Because it's running fast and furious levels of boost.

    Engines like this sound like a combo of a gas turbine/ internal combustion engine with the added lift-off pshshhhs of a steam engine. Almost like some living, breathing mechanical monster.

    Call me 10 years old but I find that exciting.

    That being said, the 918's naturally aspirated engine sounds better overall.
  21. Clarkson should do a 2 hour special comparing the big 3
  22. He'd probably spend one of those hours complaining about the Porsche because it's a Porsche.
  23. That would be the best hour
  24. didn't he love the carerra gt though
  25. Pretty much

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