The earth is flat

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    What do you all think about this?

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    Now try the first comment
  6. 42 minutes of someone trying to tell me the Earth is flat? Yeah, I'll pass.
  7. I was gonna say something about Eratosthenes, but then I heard him say that the Sun doesn't really look 93 million miles away, and wondered just how the hell he would know what something 93 million miles away IS SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE if the Sun isn't it.

    It's not a #$%#ing light bulb, it's a MASSIVE BALL of super-heated gas. Hell, the camera that took the picture he's talking about can't even properly image the Sun.

    The Earth is an oblate spheroid and that's all there is to it. We can shoot shit into space and take pictures to prove it.
  8. Wait a second, this is actually, truthfully a video about someone trying to convince people the Earth is flat? Are you #$%#ing kidding me?
  9. I watched the whole thing. I'm bored.
  10. is this a donald trump campaign video or something
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    Hahaha, this shit again?

    I'm bored so I'll bite:

    1. The "ball earth" model didn't start in the 1800s. Most ancient civilizations were aware it was spherical. Eratosthanes even estimated the diameter of the earth in the 3rd century BC.

    2. Yes, Newton did a bunch of alchemy and occult shit. He also invented THE #$%#ING CALCULUS. You're not going to be able to character-assassinate his scientific work.

    3. If you lived on a pyramid, you'd drop 0 inches per mile until you reached the edges.

    4. The picture taken from the balloon looks flat, but we have no idea what sort of lens is being used. Without that information, we cannot infer what the horizon SHOULD look like in either model. Further, TONS of people routinely get up high enough to see the curvature of the earth in person. People could see it from THE #$%#ING CONCORDE.

    5. What is the sun supposed to look like at 93 million miles away? Looks fine to me.

    6. Is the horizon at eye level? How much below it should we expect from the altitudes these images are at? I suspect the answer is not much.

    7. Corollary: The flea on the basketball jumps five inches up and sees the horizon drop. A basketball scaled to the size of the earth, the flea would have to jump over FOUR THOUSAND MILES UP to keep the proportions right. The ISS orbits at twenty times closer than that.

    8. There are many kinds of mirage, and again, we know nothing of the camera used

    9. Oh, NOW you wanna talk about lenses? Go Pros aren't the only lenses that distort an image. ALL lenses distort an image. Also, NASA rarely uses GoPros. WTF?

    10. Do they need to make the Danyang bridge compensate for the curvature? It's always the same height off the ground, and the difference between any two pylons may be negligible. As long as that's the case, no correction is necessary.

    11. Planes don't have to dip their noses down, because flying level means flying in a circle around the earth. Gravitational potential is curved around the earth, and you're always pulled toward the center of mass.

    12. No math for the Morocco problem? Morocco's pretty mountainous. Also, no correction for atmospheric effects, of course.

    13. No, the atmosphere is drug along with the earth due to drag, not gravity (directly, at least). Slowing the atmosphere down would require burning off a monstrous amount of rotational kinetic energy. Also, why should the atmosphere be different from any other fluid, or even rock at these length scales?

    14. The wind moving north displaces wind moving south. The momentum is conserved. If it doesn't, then there is a pressure differential, which produces the wind described. Also see the Coriolis effect.

    15. The helicopter stays in one place because both it and the atmosphere have the appropriate angular momentum. We would not expect this to be any different, because then we'd have to account for where this momentum went.

    16. Yeah, great, you did some "contemplation" and decided this "doesn't make sense [to you]." Isn't that a tangential way of saying "I'm a dumbass, or at the very best just ignorant"?

    17. We don't have the technology to drill more than 8 miles down PRIMARILY because it gets too hot down there and the drill bits fail. Seriously, that's the limiting factor. There are longer drill holes, but not in vertical depth for this reason.

    18. We can image what's farther under ground, however, by seismology. It works, fundamentally, the same as ultrasound and we get a pretty good image of the interior of the earth.

    19. What's this about midnight and midday switching places every six months? That's EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENS. The day length that we're used to is the solar day length and already accounts for BOTH the motion of the earth around its axis and about the sun. Why wouldn't it? We have literally based our standard day on how long the solar cycle is. This is why the constellations change with the seasons. This is why sidereal time is different from solar time, which this guy is apparently unaware of. If the earth wasn't rotating about both its axis and the sun, astronomy would be much easier.
    Read all about it:

    20. Oooh, NASA and Freemasons. "Trying to stay away from too much conspiracy"? Too late.

    21."If don't know the moon landings were a hoax, I should just click x and do something else"? Thanks, I think I will. 10 minutes of this shitty drivel is more than enough.

    This guy is a grade-A goddamned moron, or a very dedicated troll. There's nothing in this that makes any sense, and basically everything he said is wrong, and painfully so. He has, apparently, no understanding of math or physics and it's pretty sad watching him try to reason his way through things he doesn't understand.
  12. fking lol at the "this is just photoshopped garbage" when the image of the guy jumping out that red bull capsule up in space came up.
  13. I don't like conspiracy theories.
  14. All I needed from this thread was NB's post.
  15. The truth is out there
  17. Trump probably thinks the earth is flat also
  18. it has to be flat because otherwise it wouldn't be able to balance on the turtle
  19. are you saying a turtle couldnt spin a basketball on its finger?
  20. and damn you remington for making me add a view to the viewcount
  21. 2 minutes into the video and this nigger said that "Newton came along in the late 1400's"

    Need not watch more.

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  23. Of course it's flat, I knew that for a long time.
  24. Haha seriously.


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