The end of an era.

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    Dear forum members

    As you all know the forum's days really are numbered. Years of declining traffic combined with a societal shift to the social media juggernauts and seemingly constant attack from bots and the like has left sites like this firmly in the past with no real solution to get it back to the way it was. I suppose this format isn't as engaging as it once was, and the alternatives are better for most casual Internet users to get involved with.

    Nick is trying his best to provide a service for us that really isn't sustainable, and I can fully understand why it would be best in his eyes to pull the plug and focus his efforts on the main core website. To his credit he is keeping us informed, and it really isn't his fault that things have gone the way they have. It's just the way the Internet has evolved. In the same way that Google steamrollered all of the other search engine options of the 90s and become the default option, so have places like Reddit and Facebook become the default option for people with common interests to congregate and interact online.

    You probably all know my views on this, but I think it's a real shame. My experience of massive social networks is that they're not as social as I want them to be. You're rarely talking to the same person twice and the interactions that are left are fleeting, and quite often negative. There's no time to build any sort of rapport with people when there's 250,000 people in a group all vying for attention.

    In 2016 when the site changed hands I was very upbeat about our future here as a traditional forum. I had ideas of traffic coming back to the site and new faces joining in the discussions. New characters with exciting lives mixing in with us wisened old folk, lifting this once bustling marketplace of sorts back to where it once was. Unfortunately it was not to be. On speaking to Nick during those first couple of weeks, he seemed to understand the importance of keeping it going and he did promise me he would try his best to maintain the forum so we could all carry on as normal, but since then it's become clear that it's never going to get back to where it was, even if just fractionally so. I can imagine he's pretty frustrated with it all.

    Back in the day I felt like was a "safe space", to use a modern term. It was the place I could come and really be myself. I felt free, without anyone else seeing what I was doing, or silently judging me from the sidelines. It used to be busy enough to be really engaging, and there were enough people who regularly posted that you'd continue conversations day after day, learning about the world, about how other people work, as well as learning about myself. I was more comfortable here than in my real life, and you guys were witness to some really key moments for me. I came out here first. I fell in love here first. I have laughed here, and cried here. It is my home from home and when everything in my life was getting too much to handle I could always rely on some familiar, friendly, and selfless people here to take my mind off the shit, to lift my spirits, and to give valuable words of advice.

    Over the last 18 years, 4 months, and 23 days I can safely say that I have met an absolutely fantastic bunch of people who I would consider my real friends. I couldn't imagine my life without you guys in it. I've travelled the world meeting some of the most genuine, generous and hospitable people I have ever met in my life. I've known a lot of you guys now for considerably longer than a lot of people who know me in real life. You're like a family to me.

    When the site went down yesterday (following the recent developments and growing understanding of the task that Nick has trying to keep this place afloat) we all thought that was the final nail in the coffin. I was very upset. I woke up to the whatsapp message from Robert then caught up on Discord from the comfort of my bed, feeling a bit sorry for myself but thankful that we were all still in touch. I got out of bed to start my day. The moment I got downstairs and booted up my PC to see the 404 error I couldn't help but cry. It wasn't for long, but I couldn't stop it. My tears flowed freely and I sobbed into my hands. It felt like I was at a funeral for a family member. I always knew this place meant a lot to me but not being able to hold back my emotions really underlined it for me.

    You have all contributed to my life in a way I never could have imagined back on the 21st of December 2001. I have fought through some really tough times with your unwavering support, and laughed along at some of the funniest things I've ever read, from characters I never would have met had I not taken the plunge all those years ago. I can only say THANK YOU for the wonderful experience you've lead me through.

    I am fully aware that I'm the outlier as far as obsession with this place goes. I don't think anyone is as emotionally attached to this place as I am, but I know some of you are feeling sad, too.

    New beginnings.

    Over the last 2 months we've been trying other ways of staying in touch, using more up-to-date methods. The Zoom chats have been pretty successful, and the Discord seems to be serving the purpose we require (mostly) so I am buoyed knowing that there are other options. I know it's still early days but there's still chance that we won't all just be drifting away from each other until we only exist in our minds as memories of the past. I hope we continue to find the time to make contact by other means, around other commitments like families and careers if at all possible. I just want to thank everyone again for being receptive to the alternatives we now have. I'm sure there will be a day in the future when our story really does come to an end, but hopefully that's a long way away.

    You're all great, and thank you again.

    With love,

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    I really had an amazing time on here. I think i started here when i was still in high school. Man that's a long time. Met a couple of people on here and they all were very awesome in real life!

    I'm sure we will keep in touch through other means.
  3. Btw i was watching the series 'Hollywood' on netflix. And there's an actor that really looks like you. Joe Mantello is his name.
  4. *googles Joe Mantello*

    Okay, my immediate thought was "looks nothing like me", but yeah I think I see what you're seeing.
  5. he's like an italian older version of you lol
  6. I think the moustache suits you

    Unlike that flower shirt
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  7. i actually thought this site was dead forever years ago. since i'm not on facebook or anything, i thought you guys would be just memories. this has been my 2nd chance and with the discord it feels like i've been making better connections than i ever did on the forum
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  8. I've been meaning to ask you. Were you always Bishop Ghost, or did you have a different account before?
  9. Group hug everybody.

    I don't think Nick did all he could to keep the place afloat. Giant bugs like not being able to sign up or reset your password, plus hiding the forum from the main page, seem like someone's trying to bury it. I'm also pretty sure we could take the files and put them on our own server to keep the forum up forever, if we wanted to.

    But, since there's only a handful of us, and since this is an archaic method of communicating with each other, maybe it's an opportunity to find ourselves a new home.

    At least it helped solidify some friendships between people who are otherwise very far apart. This is what the internet was all about back in the day and I cherish it.
  10. Pshh I still roll with
  11. That's always been me. I might have been one of the last to join and stay. The name itself is basically nonsense. It's part of an inside joke from an old forum but I like it because it's rarely taken and I don't have to put numbers or underscores and stuff in my user names.
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  12. It's been ages since I've posted regularly, but we're never far removed from the community. At the very least Facebook has kept the flame going, but it was long a fun and weird AF social outlet, one that helped carry me thru depression in college and better times alike, and now all I do is drop you a little gift on your birthdays...


    I've also met a decent handful of members over the last ~20 yrs, and one even attended my wedding. Despite the constant drone of dumbasses, there's always been a core of regulars worth keeping in touch with over the years.

    Add me to the list, one last time.
  13. I do fell, not sad like you James, but more heartbroken. I've joined early November 2001 and the very first thing I noticed is how young most of the members were!! 13 - 16 - 19 - barely in the 20 years old, and I was 37 years old back then and I said to myself "Do I belong here, really?" After reading posts for like 3 days in a row, that's when I realize "Man! These kids are awesome!"

    I started to post and most of the members caught up fast that I was much older and started to call me Grandpa and it made me smile.
    Some members were bad to me and thankfully, most of the others covered my back, saying that they were glad to see an old fart in the forum, and I was hooked.

    1 year after, Dan and Rich sent me an e-mail wondering if I wouldn't mind to be a moderator here since I was, lets say, more mature than most of you guys, I said sure!

    The bond got better and better with most members after that. I was nicknamed the Banhammer because of my harsh ways on banning members, in reality, I was more fair than most other mods. I wanted to give more chances to members to show their maturity and frankly, it worked.

    I'm really happy of the time I spent here, met some wonderful people like xDRANOx, Richard Owen and especially TrueSportsCarMechanic.
    If you ever met TSCM, he is an awesome guy, really and if it wasn't for this site, I wouldn't have never met a really good guy like him.

    All others members that I talked here have followed me on Facebook and that was really cool that it continued. You, my internet friends of, were a joy to be posting with you. You made me laugh, confused, angry and mostly very entertaining to be around, for that I love you guys!!

    Finally, with Discord last couple of night, it felt like gold old days with you guys, and hopefully, lets continue that way please.

    Thanks for to memories it's been a blast!!
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  14. Oh man I knew I signed up for this site when I was a teenager but holy f 18 years is a long time. I've gone through a few periods where I didnt visit the site at all but I'm glad I somehow came back right at the end.
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  15. I’m almost at the age when stangman started coming here. It’s slightly unsettling
  16. The flower shirt is great. You're just jealous that I can pull it off.
  17. Looking back at November 21, 2001, I have to be very thankful that I ever joined this place. As a socially awkward introvert, it felt so easy and natural to hide behind a stupid username and talk about a lot of crap that really didn't fit with the people around me. I may not have been as active, or as noticeable as most of the regulars, but I don't love this place any less. I cannot deny that this forum has been important in my life.

    Searching for the same high that this place gave me back then still fuels my obsession with Reddit, nowadays. But doing the same thing with strangers on Reddit, will never be as satisfying as getting to know the world from the point of view of friends from all over the world.

    So much crazy shit happened here, I laughed until it hurt at so many amazing products of so many minds, and it would have been awesome to meet many of you, for sure, but none of you fuckers want to come to Puerto Rico(and I don't blame you. lol)

    I hope the end never comes.
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    Feb 2001. I was in grade 8, searching for super cars on the googles, when i stumbled upon the forums. It was mainly the individual car forums I was browsing at the time, then I found the main forums.
    I remember not being able to hit F5 fast enough to get to each new reply. The amount of hilarious 'fights' about anything and everything. Nothing was untouchable. Religion, sex, cars, personal insults, but we still all got along at the end of the day. Good times.
    Political divide is so big these days and taken so personal. Its ridiculous.

    I dont frequent the forums too much anymore. Sometimes go weeks without a visit, so still more than a lot I guess.
    When Luke/Mc777 left, a lot of people seemed to have celebrated. I hated seeing these out-there characters leave. That was the beginning of the end imo. Even the ones i werent too much of a fan of (El Toro Furioso comes to mind, HAHA).
    And some of the people that havent been here since forever, are still ingrained in the vibe of the place. FireRed and Impy...

    And where did all my aussies go? Simmo/BaRRa, ferrarist01, Danno, Burner, etc. I dont really notice them come through here anymore? Although I do have a few of them on FB

    Also, I'm still lost on who is who with all the main members that made new accounts at some point.
  19. I think you're the only aussie that comes by any more.
  20. Isn't SupraMan an Aussie?
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  21. Ah yes, he did post relatively recently in the zoom thread.

    I think I have him on FB, but he isn't very active on their either.
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    April 2002 was 24 finishing my MBA, was looking some info on the Vette ZR1 and felt on this uncommon and unrivaled forum. Started with the indies, then went to general chat, where it was an eye for an eye and teeth for teeth. Had some good laughs especially when Kiepenstein the Great , Shtewacide , Burner, Panditha, ETF and Raging Balls got harshed and own3d. Luke used to be the most hated memer back then due to fact that he whined like a little crybaby about the Next Door Niki thread (because seeing tits and ass for him was unbearable) and laughed upon Richard Burn's death (I still haven't forgiven him that) but yet he was fanboying Pat Robertson's church as well as being a bible thumper playing video game and living in a virtual world but not the real one.
    I remember some good people who don't post here anymore such as such as AJ Zahn, Chevy Rocks, Chris V , Pinin, Lizard Mech, Muscle Car Heart, Will 939 (steven seagal) ,Wex, Amenasce (Number one Ferrari Fanboy), Porsche Addict, Porsche Nut and 205 T16 Evo as well as some others. Tempoman, Wheelman and Lancer Vance were alright but sometimes too much arrogant. The worst of the worst were BBCstashas, Silvio00 (the first one who hacked the forum), El Toro Furioso, Joao Gois, My911 Turbo, 996- 911 Turbo,Sideburn (Buner), 78 coupe, the FBI and Corolla Racer. Not everybody liked Spyder/the Drift King but he was very good in using rethorics and proving people wrong. I often got in argument with Pandabeat and with some of you who never thought that I was real but as you could see in the zoom , I am real. But when you get older, you get over some arguments that are futile and move to much more important priorities
    Most important be safe and always glad to exchange opinions on what ever it is (on the political side we may never agree but those who know me, know on which side of the political spectrum I stand ;) )

    Best regards

    426 Hemistage 8
  23. Man, I used to speak to Corolla Racer on MSN. He was a good guy.

    I remember now that theFBI was the guy who threw batteries at a homeless person
  24. I remember the old days like I remember my 20's - basically a drunken mess.
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    sad if true, this place in its prime was quite near the front of internet culture imo. People here were trolling before 95% of the population even knew what is was, and it took about 5 years for the word to become common. There was also people with decent photoshop skills before it became popular.
    Its interesting that people can leave this place for 5 years but still remember it enough to want to check in now and then.

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