The end of an era.

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Veyronman, May 13, 2020.

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    I disagree with you Vman, there are many forums and communities online that are flourishing. Our admins just did not care about cultivating our community. Do you remember when everyone wanted stickers so they could put on their cars? Admin did not even acknowledge those posts. Even I would've gotten one. I know that if someone like you who actually cared about this place would've put up a merch shop asap. Don't get it twisted, mismanagement and not keeping up with the times is what has killed our site.

    Totally agree with this. Anyone in internet marketing knows what he was really trying to do.
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  2. I agree with you as well
  3. A forum requires maintenance and a lot of moderation. It attracts fake accounts and spammers. Making the signup process complex (reCAPTHAs, E-mail confirmations, signing up with Facebook/Google/Apple accounts) is maintenance too. But since there's a bunch of us, I would expect them to at least keep us informed on the thought process and see if we can help find solutions.
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  4. wow i must have missed that
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  5. Yep you did, but the threads of back then showing the hate against Luke are still there, so let me for the sake of the pleasure post them for you and the others so that they can see and remember who luke really was back then a fucking goddamn westboro baptist bible thumping redneck

    Enjoy the threads ;) I have said way back then that there is nothing wrong with lust and sexuality as well as liking tits and ass (it is in the man's nature) , that is still the case today. Some people have a short memory but not me.
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  6. Lmao
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  7. It is quite rare that I agree with you but but some members have been nightmares from the start, others have always been good, others hostile and others have matured but that is the way it is in the forum. You can't change the person's character never, I miss some members which I liked.
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  9. But wait!!! The conversations in General Chat have not come to a conclusion on Religion VS Science yet!
  10. Wait, there's a Discord?
  11. It'll probably be a good idea to ask Nick for a dump of this place, so that nothing gets permanently deleted. Wonder how big it would be.
  12. Also, last.
  13. Last last.
  14. We're all different people now
    Except me
    I still bitter twat
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  15. No you're not.
  16. Man, Nick asked me to come back and check it out again. Like so many forums, it's definitely fallen off, but I remember so many interesting conversations here. I miss forums. So many good forums went by the wayside and with them a LOT of good knowledge (build threads, repair information, etc). Photobucket had a lot to do with the death of them when they went to a pay model and the pictures that accompanied so many threads went away.

    I'm amazed that this place is still existing, and I may come back just to help it out in a any way I can, even though I don't have the time I used to. Still modding cars, though. Here's my Volt with a lot of little touches:

  17. Because we moved it to discord. Check the thread.



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