The end of suburbia?

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  1. In England if there's no cathedral then it's not a city
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  3. I like this place

  4. I guess it is both, much of the land is suburbia, but it has a nice urban core with a lot going on

    They need to connect to BART on the east side, I think that will help a lot with commuter traffic and bring people who want to hang out in the urban core for leisure
  5. I'm more of a city person, with the shorter commutes and plethora of fun and commercial activities.
    But, it depends on the type of city. In North America, for example, the cores of big cities are mainly for businesses, and it doesn't feel like a lot of people actually live there. Then you get to the outer rings, which are often slums that separate the business area from the suburbs, which is where most people live. It makes the suburbs feel more livable than the city itself.
    Where I live, for example, the core of the city center is a bag of mixed uses, mainly for living (apartments), shopping, eating and drinking. There are offices, but they're normally more scattered except for a few hubs with more office space.
    Also our suburbs are actual cities by themselves and getting further from the main metropolitan area does not give you a private house with a back yard and a garage. Unless you're kinda rich, you just get a slightly cheaper apartment in a less fun area with a bad commute.
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