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  1. Ferrari has really changed since the 1980's as a company in almost every respect. But many Ferrari fans feel that the direction that ferrari has taken since Enzo's death has been for the worse. Thoughts/opinions?
  2. The world changed since the 80's. Every car manufacturer has to change at some point to stay on the market and keep producing car that people actually buy and enjoy. Fortunately Ferrari (because of L.d.Montezemolo) has changed for the better, still being a hardcore-supercar manufacturer, making cars that utilize every possible feature of the company's racing machines (particularly F1). If you take a look on other companies, you'll see that Porsche for example produces SUV's, Lamborghini sold to Group VAG (VW) and will produce an SUV in the coming 2-3 years, Aston Martin struggles to stay alive etc. I hope Ferrari will keep the Philosophy and its profile as The best exotics car maker.
  3. I agree entirely, Malihu. I think that it would be great if Enzo were still around to make his art, but he has done enough for Ferrari already -- he has made it great.
  4. The company has lost some of it's original touch since Enzo passed away. The last car he got to make was the F40. A car that that breathed fire and had no time luxury. The Enzo has 660HP bu it has ASR and ABS and active dampening. It's too damn heavy. Plus it doesn't come in a traditional 6 spd manual. However paddles do work on the track and it does have amazing handiling. Ferrari needs to go back to making very light cars like the F40. If enzo was alive the F60 would have 700+ HP and weigh less than 3000LB.
  6. Over 700hp and less than 3000lb? That would be crazy. Cool-but crazy
  7. I'm just happy Ferrari has avoided slapping big wings on everything they make and putting out some sort of lame SUV. Thankfully, they've also kept up on the motorsports, although I would like to see more factory-backed GT racing.

    Wouldn't a Ferrari entry in Daytona Prototype be great? (particularly with Max Papis driving)
  8. im sorry... im just wondering wut was up with the pics of the cavalier???

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