the fast and the furious

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    Only an import lover would mistake this for a charger... Well he'd better research his american muscle so he knows what flies by his nissan on the freeway...
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    I agree if you know anything about old cars i know i can tell them apart and for the record the charger is faster then the challenger.The challenger was more of a luxury sport version of the charger thats all.
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    thats the butterfly on top it sits on the blower
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    Finally i thought i was going to have to say that if you cant tell them apart you shouldnt be near a car.
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    Yeah, baby, yeah! This suberb car is da rock! Keep on rolling baby! I sure love old, superpowerful american cars.
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    yeah!!! :-0
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    I love it!

    The only guy in this thread who knows what the hell he's talking about is a Supra lover.

    The car is a 1970 Dodge Charger.

    The 1968 had round taillights and no center divider in the grill. The front bumper was a standard bumper that ran under the grill. In addition, it had round side marker lights.

    The 1969 had long taillights and a grill and front bumper similar to the '68 except it had a vertical divider in the center of the grille (the General Lee is a '69 Charger). In addition, the side marker lights are rectangular.

    The 1970 had NO divider in the center of the grill, but the grill was slightly taller vertically than the '68. In addition, the front bumper was a chrome hoop that surrounded the grill. It had rectangular side markers and long taillights similar to the '69.

    The Black car in F&F is a 1970 Dodge Charger. It had a fake blower mounted to the hood. They had two, one was for close-ups (the car is now on display) the other was the stunt car which was ultimately destroyed.

    I own a '69 Charger and can tell you UNEQUIVOCABLY that the car is NOT a '68 or '69. It is a 1970.

    The Rear wheel drive Chargers were built from 1966 to 1978. There was a Dart Charger in 1965 but that was just a performance model '65 Dart. The 1966 and 67 Chargers were the fastback models based on Coronets. The 1968 to 70 Chargers were the "coke bottle" chargers (the most "desirable" Chargers. The '71-'74 Chargers were the "fuselage bodied" chargers. The '75 to '78 were basically the same car as the Chrysler Cordoba. Not really a performance car.

    In the '80s, Dodge's "sporty" compact Fwd car was called a Charger.

    I hope this clears things up a tad.

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    yes this is the car from (fandf) i would love to have this car in my drive way i would put lights under the body.One thing for sure is you would get the chicks.
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    Dont you ever put lights underneath a mopar. Its not a honda.
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    that siver thing did't help anway if it had a 426 hemi it could have produed 500 easy it is a 1969 DODGE CHARGER. if you don't belve me got to the offecal web site


    BULL #$%#ING SHIT MY DAD HAD A 68 charger with the 383 mag. the difference between the two is the 69 had a ridge going up the fron nose and the 68 was strate accross

    if u look the charger from the movie there is no ridge wich means 68charger rt
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    You used to work for dodge in 69? OK THERE. that would mean your at least 40 or 50 years old (assuming you didn't work for them when you were ten) and yet you have a picture of the Mortal Combat guy on your forum thing and you hang out on a supercar site. now either you're an incredible 50 year old computer nerd, or some stupid twelve year old who's full or crap and can't tell a lie.
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    440 Magnum
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    Challanger-not Charger-was dodge's ponycar
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    Who said the Charger was a ponycar? Man, someone's somkin somethin....
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    Oh what a young tool you are....

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