The Fastest Street Legal Car Ever!

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    The fastest street-legal car ever created is called "Red Victor 1." Amazingly, it was built by one man in his own garage with no sponsership or professional help! It took 20+ years of dedication and $100,000. Andy Frost is an everyday guy with a passion for drag racing. He bought a 1972 Vauxhall Victor in 1980. This wasn't exactly the best starting point for the world's fastest car! Andy swapped the engine for a Rover V8, then a Chevy V8, then he added turbos, then nitrous, and things just kept getting more and more serious until the car became what it is today. It now has 9.3 Liter of perfectly tuned V8, and produces an unbelievable 2200 hp!!! The car can accelerate from 0-60 in just 1 second and has recorded a world record quarter mile time of 7.6 seconds @ 189 mph! Despite this insane power, Andy isn't shy about driving the car on the road, and even picks his son up from school! Of course this car is less than practical on the road, returning just 5 mpg. The roar of the big V8 makes conversation difficult. But the fact remains that it is street legal (in the UK at least), and there's no other car out there with a license plate that can challenge it. Well done, Andy!

    Here's the official website:

    Here's a great video about the car:

    and Here's a video of a quarter mile pass:

  2. Anyone have the article on some American road legal drag car also in its time claiming to be fastest?
  3. whats its top speed?
  4. RING TIMES?!?
  5. six or so trees
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  6. ... and the engine explodes after 402 meters
  7. parachute for brakes nigga
  8. except for the fact that clearly, it doesn't.

    just shut up.
  9. brick on wheels
  10. this was on fifth gear a couple years ago
  11. Actually, you've got a point. Although the engine is built using the highest quality parts, 2200 hp can put quite a strain on any engine! Andy likes to spend a few hours inspecting and maintaining the engine even after an everyday drive on the street! Granted, he now has a few sponsers, so presumably he doesn't have to pay for all of the many parts he breaks.
  12. This car is suicide on wheels
  13. mach 2
  14. It's over 200 mph, but not as fast as you might think because this car has been built specifically for drag racing, and thus uses short gear ratios that improve acceleration but lessen the top speed substantially. It can do 0-189 in 7.6 seconds during a quarter mile run! A relatively normal car can take 7.6 seconds to reach 60 mph!
  15. Old news. It still rokks
  16. theoretically, with 2200 HP it would probably be in the vicinity of 300mph, but this car will never see more than 210 im guessing.

    maybe with some aero work, special tires, and different gear ratios, this thing could be taken to the flats and truly unleashed.
  17. one of the fastest, not the fasteset. I saw 3-4 cars run about the same time last weekend at pamona that sure as hell looked street legal, easily could have been.
  18. *Quickest
  19. At the time it was measured yes it was the QUICKEST. Not the fastest but definitely the quickest street legal car.

    The fact that you saw some cars that may have been legal doesn't really mean shit.
  21. I'm not sure if any street legal car has posted faster E.T. in the USA, but hotrod magazine does a couple events a year that could have some close competitors. the cars that win these events might not be faster than that car in the UK, but the rules of the competition make it sound like they would have to be more reliable, especially for drag week. Running that fast in a street legal car is awesome, but if i have to spend a few hours looking over it after picking my kid up from school thats bad, I would rather be .5 seconds slower and be able to drive it more than i have to tinker with it. It would be cool if he would bring it over to the US for one or both of these events to see how he does, maybe he could take both of these crowns and piss off a bunch of americans lol.

    "Pump Gas Drags"
    its help once a week, all the cars meet at a predetermined location, have their fuel systems totally emptied and then they are given 10 gallons of 93 octane gas, they caravan like 30-50 miles to the drag strip and then have to make 3 passes, no trailers, no support vehicles following them or anything like that. I know they have had cars run in the mid 8s, not sure if anyone has broken into the 7s, but this is also on 93 octane, does it happen to say what octane that british car running, some of these might be able to match it running higher octanes.

    "Drag Week"
    held once a year, every meets at the same spot, then they caravan for the whole week, traveling over 1000 miles and each night they stop at a different drag strip and have to run. once again, the car cannot be trailered, so it has to be street legal, but you are allowed to pull a trailer with your drag car, so you can carry spare tires and spare parts (not allowed at pump gas drag). here is some data i found about the winner last year.

    "This '67 Camaro was the Hot Rod Drag Week winner in 2007, which meant it traveled over 1,000 miles to five tracks pulling a 1,500 pound trailer with tools and parts (yep, it's street legal). The supercharged 580 cubic inch engine produces 1,900 hp and the car runs the quarter in 7.64 seconds."

    Can that british car tow 1500 lbs over 200 miles a day, and still race each night?
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    no I think the Heffner vipers are faster:

  23. Theres a street legal Holden Torana here in Australia that does a 6.75 quarter

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