The Fastest Street Legal Car Ever!

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  1. We're talking about miles, not kilometers, you bogan.
  2. you could probably put DOT tires and some plates on a top fuel funny car in Arizona and drive it on the street legally.
  3. MY TOP RACE CAR: 2008 Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT2
  4. Thanks for that o so relevent comment!
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    The Heffner's are very impressive machines, but they have yet to match RV1's world record E.T. of 7.86!
  6. all the drag strips are quarter miles here you piece of shit.
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    MR MAD
    Holden Torana - 2180 hp- 6.75 seconds @ 210mph

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  9. That torana is #$%# sick dude. Fastest no doubt!
  10. Underground 6speed, IRS, full weight viper ran a 7.89. Also Heffner has a Solid axle TT viper running i beleive 7.5's-7.7's
  11. GO BARNSLEY!!!!!
  12. that mr mad waass fu**ing......erm...mad, piss all over that victor, but that victors gota be fun on roads, that thing was on 5th gear a while back and he has to drive about on like a quarter throttle right foot lol puss :)
  13. Has anyone considered that what is road legal in one country is not in another? This thread should be called 'The Fastest UK Street Legal Car Ever!'.
  14. Saw a few of these youtube vids a while back. Definitely impressed with the numbers it puts down. Personally, I rank styling right up there with performance, so not necessarily one of my favorites, but can't argue with the stats of a beast like this!
  16. Unless, of course, the fastest UK street legal car is faster than any street legal car from elsewhere. Then it actually is the fastest street legal car.
  17. Andy is chopping up the car to make it eligible for the Pro Mod class, a 6.10-second class, we'll see if the 6-second version is still street legal.
  18. holy crap, thats awesome.

    given that that time (and id assume itd be the case with the other one also) thats not in street trim. (ie tires and wheelie bar)

    oh, and how can it possibly be legal at that speed. youd have to have a full cage, which im pretty sure is illegal (in oz atleast)
  19. why would having a full cage make a car non-street legal?
  20. basicly in NSW (australia) if u have a full cage with sidebars it stops you getting out in a hurry. also cannot impede the operation of OE equipment at all. this includes random shit like sunvisors, aircon vents, headrests, seat adjustments and seatbelt attachment points

    "No alteration may cause a hazard to persons due to exposed sharp edges or projections" so you have to cover everything in foam.

    it doesnt explicitly say you can't do it, they have just made it so hard to do it and be legal its not worth it. i think some have suceeded with half cages, but you basicly ahve to rebuild the car with it in from the ground up. or if u can unbolt and remove it its Ok. aych es vee can prolly shed more light on the subject.
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    More Mr Mad

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    i still find it hard to believe that that car is registered, especially in NSW which has the srictest shit. WA or QLD maybe tho
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    Best first and second post ever.

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