The Father Of Supercars!

Discussion in '1981 DeLorean DMC-12' started by Operation Ivy 4 Life, Sep 4, 2002.

  1. Just think if deloreans weren't even made? How would the supercars look like now! Sure it's not as good-looking as the ferraris and lambos, but these cars are the original supercars! Thank you Delorean...
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    agreeed, some cars wouldnt have been made to compete. or design cues(the late 80s camaro looks like it), like the Fiero, and hey! the Fiero lasted a yer more than delorean(4 years, rather than 3) and it had a company backing it, it still didnt last!
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    In my mind the father of supercars was the Mercedes Gullwings of the 50s
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    Well they always say that the mother of the Delorean was the Mercedes Benz 300sl gulwing. And was said by JZD himself b/c he had one and loved it so much, especially the doors.

    The father lol i think is either Porsche 911 or Lotus Espirt.

    But i think the Delorean was father of all 80s cars. The headlight design the wedge shape body a lot of this was copied.

    Rock star games say they are puting the Delorean on tyhe front of the new Grand theft auto game called vice city based on the 80s b/c to them its the car of the 80s, which i think is true.

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    It didn't last because it was too futuristic for its time. Plus, it's hideously slow.
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    it beat the normal cars of the day smart ass!
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    umm not really, but the design of it might have helped with the present supercars like the mclaren
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    Yes it does check out the 82 mustang GT more horses and still slower. Plus it pulls less g's too.
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    i think the deloreans father may be the bricklin. in 1981 it beat the normal cars(economy cars-luxury cars).

    another note, the fiero was made to compete with it, and didnt. the MR2 came out to compete with the fiero, and thats still around. the CRX does sorta look like it. the VW scirro(or what ever) looks like it, but just because it was the same designer(Italdesign).

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