The First Hummer!

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    That doesn't look like a piece with 22's!

    "If Hannibal would live today, he would probably use no elephants for the crossing of the alps but the HUMMER H2 from which was named after him.

    Europe’s biggest HUMMER dealer and also leading European customizer of American cars turns the H2 into a true King Size monster: The HANNIBAL was lifted by 18 centimeters using a special suspension. The additionally mounted off road tires of the dimension 38 x 15.50 R 20 and the additional lights on the roof also contribute a great deal to the all-wheel-drive car’s height of 244 centimeters which is just as high as a soccer goal. Of course the HANNIBAL is powered by a high performance engine: The V8 supercharger engine delivers a maximum power output of 598 hp / 440 kW and produces a peak torque of 780 Nm. Due to the all-terrain pattern of the tires, the maximum speed of the HANNIBAL is electronically restricted to 160 km/h."
    -Text courtesy of
  2. That looks tough. Really tough.
  3. I'm not a fan of it..
  4. That's awesome.
  5. Lifted H2s>>>>>>>>>>Lowered H2s.
  6. Out run a Bowler Wildcat on rough terrain and I'll like it.
  7. 22's or not, its still a piece.
  8. roll over madness
  9. let me get this out of the way first, I HATE H2s

    but i like this one....

    i guess i like the pickup versions of the H22
  10. Macy Grays is dope.
  11. Better. Beats the hell out of a lowered nog-mobile, but I'm still not an h2 fan. Meh, gimme a Rubicon any day of the week over this.
  12. not a fan of the h2 I love the H1 though
  13. I agree, not much is going to compete with a Wrangler if you want a cheap way to do really stupid things off-road.
  14. whats this called again? SUT or something if im not mistaken..anyway..i like it..:D:D..a lot better then those pimping gangste bullshit h2s...
  15. Glad it doesn't have 22's
  16. WORD
  17. SUT would be the correct terminology
  18. Which one of you #$%#tards even knows who Hanibal was?
  19. Hanibal was the general who used elephants to defeat the romans in the second Punic war

    some consider him to be the finest military stratagest of all time [no]

    i dont know too much about it, just remember the elephants and the joke i made in 6th grade of them riding them on their backs down the mountain [which they had to cross]

    it still makes me giggle today

    o yea and the reason this H2 is named aftr him is probly because he had to go over the mountains in his ivasion?
  21. "Quick Robin, to the pratmobile!"
    "great Scott Batman, its an army of Jokers!"
    "No robin, thats just everyone laughing at us in our hummer"

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