The first McLaren 570S Coupé in Vietnam

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  1. IMG_8549.jpg
    In Vietnam, number of McLaren are 7 cars, with 6 650S Spider and 1 570S Coupe.

    With V8 twin-turbo engine, 3.8 liters and 570 HP, 570S can be accelerates from 0
    -100 kph in 3.2s and reach max speed at 328 kph.

    IMG_8554.jpg IMG_8555.jpg IMG_8556.jpg
    In US, 570S price is 185.000 USD. And in Vietnam, 570S price can be became to 800.000 USD because taxes and goverment law.

    XSX Automotive Photography
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  2. Nice pictures
  3. That's pretty sweet.

    Do you use a tripod?
  4. Yeah man. I used tripod and set F22, 30s, ISO 100 :3
  5. Don't know much about photography, but that seems like a lot of exposure to me.

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