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  1. The force woke up brightly.
  2. I walked past the local cinema yesterday at 4pm. There were a bunch of people lining up for the midnight session already. All 6 screens there were sold out..
  3. apparently the plot is episode 4 all over again
  4. I saw it

    It was pretty enjoyable

    Yeah, episode 4 through and through

    Still enjoyable thought. More "Star Wars" feeling than the prequel trilogy was.
  5. Weird...
  6. shits a license to print money
    wish franchise movies would stop
  7. I was supposed to go this AM but I,m sick as #$%#
    sweating like a pig for the last 12h
  8. srsly this
  9. hope u feel better

    i have free tickets so ill see it when there are less people dressing up like han solo
  10. Well it sucked just like the Spectre did
  11. yeah now cleaning my throat expels huge chunks of brown stuff thx
  12. Just seen it. It was amazing.

    It's much more violent.
  13. yeah butt **** it

    more star wars in my life is a good thing
  14. That new death star...

    ...why didn't they just point it at the rebel base planet the first time they fired it?
  15. Because then there would have been way less "pew pew pew" lazorsss and children not agreeing with their parents.

    Which is what every Star Wars movie is about.
  16. I will build real sets and film in a real desert, but the new bad guy hologram has to be a Play-doh faced CGI oogie boogie monster. Why.

    There's a chasm between what JJ Abrahms had artists craft out of marble powder and the stupid shit I saw on screen. I think he was inspired by people who lost parts of their faces in World War II, which is a great idea, but it lost everything in translation.

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  17. Yeah I thought all four of the main villains in the movie were either average or just plain sucked.
  18. Saw it tonight. It was an epic piece of shit.
  19. I went and saw the big short on the 26th and showings for the farce were still selling out.

    also, you should see the big short.
  20. The nicest thing I can say is that it wasn't as boring as the prequels.
  21. Yeah yeah, Star Wars is back...

    In other news the Hateful Eight in 70mm is the best movie going experience you will have in ages, and you damn well get your money's worth:

    -No previews/commercials, instead an overture is played against a still image while you get to peruse a movie program which is given for free and becomes a permanent memento of your experience.

    -Morricone uses alternate takes from his "The Thing" score, which are brilliant, in the overture and throughout, as well as original material.

    -Full 12 minute intermission and a 3hr+ runtime. The intermission is timed perfectly as the tone of the movie completely changes and there is a mini-cliffhanger feeling while you process what has happened and what is likely about to happen.

    -Tarantino tackles the unfinished business of the civil war with a character and dialogue driven Western/whodunit mockup that feels like a Broadway play in two acts. No detail is overlooked, as always, and the acting is more than solid, backing up the colorful and sharp dialogue.

    -The 70mm film gives the exterior shots amazing presence. However, 80% of the movie is inside a cabin. Tarantino, however, uses the camera to create depth and a constantly fluid background filled with the other characters and clues to pick out along the way.

    So, I don't want to ruin the surprise for everyone by talking about the plot at all. If you liked Reservoir Dogs, go get off your ass and see Hateful Eight in 70mm before the special engagement ends on Jan 7. After that point you're stuck with a digital screening, no intermission, no overture, a bunch of previews/commercials, and a couple of scenes that unfortunately get cut. It will be an experience you will remember.

    Bonus: You likely won't get a crowd that has cell phones going off, babies, or any significant talking.
  22. why wont that crowd be there
    probably never heard of this movie huh
  23. I'd be surprised if someone took a baby to see a Tarantino film.

    Then again, some people really do some incredibly stupid things.
  24. I heard a couple stories online where that happened. I also heard of white people filled with guilt who stormed out of the theater after shouting to the rest of the theater 'You're all racists!'

    So, you know, standard Tarantino.
  25. My brother and I saw Django Unchained on Christmas day when it came out with AAAAAAAAAAAAAAALL the black people in Tulsa

    I'd love to see it in 70mm, but it's a 2 hour drive each way. Or, a 3 minute drive to see it in town. I'm gonna do that

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