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  1. For the record, yes my name and signature says Chevy but I'm a fan of all American performance cars.

    Let us not forget the 2001 Mustang Cobra. Between the failier of the 1999 Cobra, and the Hype of the 390 HP 2003 Cobra, everyone has forgotten that the 2001 was the FIRST true competition Ford made for the LS1 Camaro. In fact, many car enthusiasts (especially Chevy guys) don't know that the 2001 Camaro was every bit as quick as the SS Camaro, and had many more redeming qualities. 0-60 in 4.8, 1/4 mile in 13.5 seconds. I loved this car and could not find one, so I ended up with my 99 Corvette.

    Let's keep the competition going. I await the revival of the F-body.

    Food for thought: Comepetition forces all car makers to do better. Keeping an open mind opens up more options. If you close your mind to any car maker, you might pass up something great. Just sit back, relax, watch Ford, Chevy, and Dodge compete. When you get ready to buy a new car, wait for the dust to settle and buy the winner. <!-- Signature -->
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    Amen. Poor car get's no love. I think it's funny everyone posts on the 2003 forum, making all types of claims, I suggest they see what it puts down first, and how that equates to track times, before running their mouths.

    Isn't it about time you start modding that C5. TC, 373's and intake would be a nice start.<!-- Signature -->
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    All in good time with the mods. First on the list is cold air intake, then headers and exhaust. Last, 3.42 rear axle. Other Vettes with that same set up are making low 12s. <!-- Signature -->
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    Legendary indeed. My dad's (yeah, it's my dad's, not mine. Damned if I don't buy it from him when I get out of school, though...) took on a C5 Vette and eked out a narrow victory.

    Granted, I must make a qualifying statement:
    My dad's 2001 has a Bassani X-pipe and cat-back, cold air intake, underdrive pullies, 3.73's, and a chip.

    As soon as we get a rain-free Wednesday night, we're gonna take it up to the track. Since MM&FF ran 13.3's with a box-stock 2001, I'm hoping for 12.99 or below.

    Now if I could just get my WRX to run that fast...

    P.S. That one race notwithstanding, the C5 Vette kicks some major ass.
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    Think about it. It's a very good comparison. The Camaro SS vs. the 2001 Mustang Cobra. Both aluminum V-8's...but, I believe the Cobra wins. The Camaro has a 69 cubic inch advantage and only has 5 more horse power.
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    I'm really glad that ford finally(well, it didn't happen yesterday) gave up the pushrod for its mustang and changed to SOHC for GT's and DOHC for the cobra. Displacement does provide an advantage(i'm not on any side when it comes to technology vs. displacement) but why not marry technology with it instead of choosing one or the other? This car should be taken as a step in the right path for the american sports car industry and hopefully a start in the end of the nonsense of cars such as the viper which uses an obsolete engine that only bases itself on barbaric size rather than play on both fields.
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    I think this is the best SVT Cobra. It's the 4.6 DOHC V8 pumpin 320 HP. Everyone nowadays thinks of the 2003 pumpin 390 HP from its supercharged engine but they all forget about this one. If I had 2 pick an SVT Cobra it would have to be this one hands down!!


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