The Future of Supercars

Discussion in '2002 Acura DN-X Concept' started by sparetire, Aug 9, 2002.

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    Yes, this will have a impact on the supercar world, but I doubt this will be the future look of supercars. Not to many like it in that regard, and 4 door supercars are going to be a hard sell. But in bits and peices, the tech in this will find its way all over Hondas line up. But this would cost an amazing amount if it were sold as is. That power and MPG is not going to come cheap.<!-- Signature -->
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    I like it, and the environmentalist will like it too. Think of it. a High powered supercar with killer gas mileage? wow. Now if only the Domestic Mfgrs would sit up and take notes.

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