The Game Thread XXXII

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by catphish, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. I've beaten the inFamous demo twice now and I really like it.

    If you're looking for a great summer game, definitely give this one a look.
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    man its not that good you need to stop masturbating over it

    the destructibility is neat and everything, but its nothing ground breaking or anything. the shooting aspect of the game is still real shitty compared to other FPSs.
  3. There are only two things that I really dislike in BF:BC...

    - The transition of animations in single player when you kill an enemy who's using a mounted weapon.
    - The poor hit detection when knifing someone in multiplayer.

    Other than that it's one of the best FPS games I've ever played.
  5. It sounds more like you havent even tried anything else, I cant even think of a current FPS that is as shitty as bad company
  6. Hey, ever heard of Halo? LOL
  7. I've beaten Halo 3, COD2/3/4, Killzone 2, Resistance 1/2, and many others. I also own or have played Far Cry 2, BioShock, Halo 1/2, Crysis, Half-Life 2, and numerous Medal of Honor games (not to mention countless demos for other shooters).

    I have a lot of context but BF:BC is still my favorite FPS of all time.
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    sorry if this is a repost but modern warfare 2 in game trailer
  9. Starting a new Fallout 3 thing again
    The PS3 version needs to get those DLC's
  10. some info on mw2

    Following a video teaser earlier this week, the latest issue of Game Informer magazine offers new details on the highly anticipated first-person shooter Modern Warfare 2. Fans of the first Modern Warfare will be happy to know that one of its major characters, Sergeant John "Soap" MacTavish, returns as the captain of an international group called Task Force 141 -- but he'll be an NPC this time around.

    The magazine mentions that the sequel "continues the narrative begun in Modern Warfare, with the world facing dangerous political instability in Russia." A terrorist group aims to use Russia's political turmoil to their advantage to secure the troubled empire's weapon stockpiles. Makarov, the leader of that group, also happens to be an associate of Zakhaev, the man responsible for the first games' nuclear attack.

    The feature goes on to detail an expedition Soap leads through treacherous mountains in which he fights against Russians in snowy terrain with the help of thermal vision, snowmobiles, and ice picks (used for climbing along the environment). Jason West, president and CTO of Infinity Ward, states, "The gameplay is wide open and has a lot of variety. In terms of the story... well, any good story is on rails." He also estimates that the campaign will be just as lengthy as its predecessor's.

    Unfortunately, Game Informer also reveals that a co-op campaign won't be available. West explains, "We did a lot of co-op stuff early on that we were interested in, [but] it didn't work with the story mode at all."

    The article ends with a description of a new Special Forces Mode (similar to the Mile High Club mission at the end of the first game) and discloses that Task Force 141 will bring the fight to Rio de Janeiro and Afganistan as well. For images from and discussion about the Game Informer story, head over to the 1UP boards.
  11. Boo-urns on the campaign being the same length.
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  15. For those who may be playing the Home ARG, Xi, what's the name of the third airport?

    I've spent about 45 minutes on this puzzle and I still can't figure it out. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  16. MW:2 is going to be amazing, cant wait for that and ODST
  17. Which do you think will sell more copies by the end of the year: ODST or the 360 version of MF2?
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    May 26th.

  19. I might just have to buy that for the S40 and 850 BTCC cars.

    Thats huge Rydell fan nostalgia that is.
  20. It'll actually be free. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/grin.gif"></A>
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    tires look crapy
  22. so addicted to gungames on cs 1.6 right now UGHHH
  23. Even better.

    I should've actually thought about it before I commented, but I didn't realise it was on PC (seems obvious really), and I doubt any of the computers in my house could run it.

    Even the Macbook Pro probably couldn't whilst running XP.
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    850 Estates!!!!!!


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