The Game Thread XXXII

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by catphish, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. Why listen to a pod cast when I can read the same information in under 60 seconds and not have to listen to some nasally nerd go on and on an on about textures at 1000x magnification?
  2. You often learn more detail about a given topic/game due to the nature of verbal discussion, you begin to identify with certain editors which helps give context to written reviews, and you also learn about games you otherwise wouldn't.

    Whether they realize it or not, dedicated gamers who dismiss podcasts are shooting themselves in the foot.
  3. I wouldn't say that, especially if they are playing a game in the time they would need to hear a podcast.
  4. I know this sounds crazy but some people who like games actually want to PLAY games rather than just talk about them on a forum.
  5. you idiot
    you have no right to call yourself a dedicated gamer
  6. Nice dodge.
  7. You speak from experience.
  8. didnt know you fancied yourself a Chrysler fan.
  9. How is that a "dodge"?

    I'd rather play a game or spend a minute or two reading about it then 30 min listen to some nerd cry about texture flaws that aren't perceptible to any normal human.

    You go on for hours and hours and hours about games you claim to not even like.
  10. It's a dodge because nobody in their right mind listens to podcast while doing nothing. I listen while at work, some people listen while playing XBLA games, and some while they workout. The notion that podcasts cut into gaming time is ludicrous.

    Plus, they're not as nerdy as you seem to think.
  11. Luke, you live in the usa#1, you have a credit card, download spyro 2 for me, then upload it so I can download it. OK?
    Good boy. Zeus will be pleased
  12. If you have access to Driver I'll gladly trade you.
  13. I actually do
  14. Sweet love! Is there anything else you'd like if we also swap for Theme Park?
  15. Is Theme Park available from the NZ store?
  16. I'm not sure but it's available in England's store.
  17. Ok I'll probably download driver after hockey tonight, you can figure out the rest mkay
  18. i dunno why i still come here, you just make me want to rip my hair out
  19. It's so lol how m777 is wrong about literally everything
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  21. I've only noticed respawning in COD4 when there would be the enemies on rooftops

    Killzone 2 is the #$%#ing worst for that kind of shit though
  22. I hate any shooting game where enemies respawn. It drives me insane! Maybe that's why I liked Gears of War so much. It doesn't have respawning enemies and you don't feel like they're ignoring your AI buddies and just shooting at you.
  23. It makes my train journies much shorter to have 1up or PC GAMER UK in the background. It's given me the vocabulary to understand why I like the games I do. I make better choices.
  24. Thankfully, IW said they're getting rid of the respawning enemies for MW2. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/grin.gif"></A>

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