the gaypridemobile

Discussion in '1999 Rinspeed Diablo VT' started by analcornhusker, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. i saw this in a gay pride parade
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    kickass car; i wonder what it looks like when its breaking 200 mph
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    It probly looks like a flash of rainbow colours going 200mph, i dont think theres anything wrong with the paintjob, supercars are all about changing the boring, and mundane, so why not have a differant paintjob too?
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    paintjob is pretty damn wild if you ask me...almost like Jeff Gordon's DuPont Monte Carlo when he started racing in NWC....
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    It would probably look grey because every colour in the rainbow makes grey.
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    every color makes brown.........dumbass.......and yes thiis car looks GAY!
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    sooo u think this car ios gay if u were offered one u wouldent take it i would this car it sweet. or u can just get it and paint it to a colour u want so dont say this car is gay cuz its not is a lamboghini and lamos arnt gay
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    Again I don't think they were refering to the car as being GAY,but the paint scheme most defintly is GAy,lol
    what the hell were they thinking when they painted it?
    Any ways I say you strip the paint off,primer it ,give it a decent
    color atleast and you have one BADASS car,A DIABLO heh,need I say more!~?
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    your the only gay one you dont know much about cars if you think that a bit of paint makes a car gay
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    bottom line is it's a diablo. who cares what the paint job is? it's a legendary car regardless of it's coulor.
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    If it were to advertise gay pride it would be hot pink, no doubt about it.
    It was obviously a Jamaican who painted this car. Ten points to him I say.
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    it is a nice car, but i think the car needs a new paint job!!!
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    haha this car caught the gay
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    your just mad because you know it beats every car you own.

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