The good days!!

Discussion in '1970 Dodge Challenger R/T' started by CadillacMan03, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Them were the days when cars were made powerful, sounded powerful, wish they made em like that today!!

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    they still do, it just costs you 20 times as much to buy one. it's too bad, though, that nowadays you pay $20-30k and you get a p.o.s. poser mustang or camaro with half the hp and you have to look at vettes and vipers to get the power and the sound to back it up.
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    ElCam71 and Rjam are right. A Dodge Challenger is a real bargain these days. Be quick though, E-bodies are becoming more rare and increasingly expensive every day.
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    who cares about power? ok yeah it's cool to say that you've got a huge engine under the hood but the fact is that it can't do as good as a Dodge SRT-4 with a turbocharged 4-banger(oh yeah and has 215hp, 0-60 of 5.9, a 7 year 70,000 mile warranty,and all for 19,995)! i say in with the new out with the old.

    these car's are cool but why mope about the past?
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    I wished that that was the case...
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    OHHHH YES!!!! it is music to any Musclecar fan's ears when the Hemi hit's full song, especially in a beautiful Challenger such as this!! oh, those good ol' days of musclecars!!
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    You don't know what you're talking about and you're definitly in the wrong forum.
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    They dont make them like this anymore, but they do make them fuel efficient.
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    to bad the insurance companies killed the muscle car era these whould be the cars every one is buying instead of jap scrap

    since i was a young lad of 2 i have been around these cars
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    So true. They put rates so high that in 1973' legends died out and were neutered.
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    When you look around the streets now adays, all you see r those little jap scrap peices of shit ill give them their props cause some are pretty pimped out but they couldnt do shit against a 426 hemi or a 440 B-1. "o my car can do a 1/4 in 11" thats with 50gs in it 100 shot of nos and a turbo. HEMIS came race ready and were rated at 12s stock. When i see those new "hybrids" i just wanna throw up i think they have like 60 hp. The people who buy them are even more of a joke. i dont care if my car burns a whole in the o-zone a hundred miles wide, if it can lay tire just by jumpin on it and sounds throaty, i dont give a damn.
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    I once drove by I THINK was a PlymouthGTX. Ive never seen one before that (nor have I seen one after, and all i know is that it had the Plymouth emblem and a "GTX" emblem.) But anywho, I know for a fact it had either a 440 6 pak or a HEMI because it was simply shaking the ground...while idling. That was a BADASS car, but sdly the driver didnt rev it up that high. Damn traffic.
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    ahh, the joys of american muscle, the days of hemi's burnt rubber, lous revs, and the constant "what dodge is better? the challenger, the charger, or the superbee?" okay... maybe not the last one
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    The Charger all the way baby. Mad props to the Challenger, but the Charger is king, but second only to the Shelby Cobra.
  17. the 426hemi was built in greater numbers than the 429boss


    the 426 hemi was built in greater numbers as compared to the 429 boss.Approximatively 11000 hemi poewered cars were built as compared to 1200 1969-1970 boss 429 stangs built.The 426hemi has this distinctive clatter that makes it easily recognizable.The hemi sound is like a coffe can full of rocks.The hemi has also an undisputed drag racing and nascar palmares.The boos is a nice engine too.


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    yeah, the 69 charger is my god(that's right, the car is my GOD) of all cars anyway. i have about, #$%#ing 5 diffrent toy chargers, all but one 69, the other one is a 70 daytona charger(FULL BLOWN TOO!!!)
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    i love the 68-70 charger r/t but the 69 was probably the nicest.the daytona was a legend in nascar with its cousin the plymouth roadrunner superbird.


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    yes, as i said, the 69 charger is my god of all cars. and the daytona charger is prob the god of ALL dodges, maybe even the viper.
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    the daytona nd the superbird are the most aftersaught b bodies see the clasics section i posted pics of 4 that are 4 sale. yes i agree those cars are amazing.
  22. The energy crisis of the early 70's contributed to the end of the muscle car era as well, personally, I don't give a rats ass about mileage.

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